Message of the President

Founded in 1995, Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) is a university system including 07 member universities and institute (VNUHCM-University of Technology, VNUHCM-University of Science, VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNUHCM-International University, VNUHCM-University of Information Technology, VNUHCM-University ofEconomics and Law and VNUHCM-Institute for Environment and Resources) and more than 30 affiliated units. VNUHCM has constantly developed and asserted itself as an excellent system in human resource training and high quality research as well as a flagship in the reformation of Vietnamese higher education system.

Standing on the brink of globalization, the competitive knowledge-based economy and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Viet Nam’s education in general and higher education in particular are facing new challenges related to quality assurance, scientific research and technology transfer. In such circumstance, VNUHCM strategic plan 2016-2020 is focused on enhancing quality of training to meet increasing demands of society and international integration; advanced scientific research and community engagement; building a modern, civilized and smart university urban area with open, harmonic, environmental-compatible and sustainable spaces; proactively international and regional integration; and improving the effectiveness of international, local and enterprise cooperation.

In order to achieve these ultimate goals, VNUHCM strategic plan 2016-2020 is developed to ensure the interaction and coordination among the general strategy of VNUHCM and the strategies of each member and affiliated organizations as well as among the periodic strategies and the annual plans in order to create a standard foundation and common values of the whole system from which VNUHCM’s member and affiliated organizations can utilize their strength and creativeness to contribute to the power of synergy of VNUHCM.

VNUHCM has always been a reliable destination to promote cooperation with international and local universities, organizations, and other partners to establish and implement collaborative programs which serve for community engagement and contribute to the development of VNUHCM and Viet Nam’s education system.

For more information about VNUHCM system, our member and affiliated organizations and the strengths in training and research, please refer to VNUHCM prospectus or visit our website at

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