40 Year The Faculty Of History: The Root Of New Majors

In the end of Apr, 1977, Ho Chi Minh City University of was established based on the combined foundation of Saigon Higher Education Institute and University of Science. At that time, the university had 5 faculties of Social Sciences (Literature, History, Geography and French) and 5 faculties of Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology).

The date of 30th Apr, 1977 became the established day of unions, faculties under Ho Chi Minh City University of Ho Chi Minh City, including the union of History – currently known as the Faculty of History at VNUHCM-Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNUHCM-USSH).

The key pillar of the University of Social Science and Humanities (VNUHCM-USSH)

Since the establishment, the Faculty of History has been persistently building and developing the official staffs, in response to the training work and serving our society in the new ages. The organs mechanism of the Faculty has been improved step by step, from subject level, documentation, office, student administration, to political organizations – communications, such as the Party Cell, Trade Union, the Faculty’s Youth Union, the Association of Veterans…Training curriculum has been implemented and updated in stages.

In 1996, the Prime Minister decided to establish the University of Social Science and Humanities (USSH) based on the foundation dispatched from the University of Ho Chi Minh City. Despite the state of faculty under Ho Chi Minh National Universities, The Faculty of History of USSH had huge transform in training, science researching and personnel organization. The Faculty became the origin of new majors, simultaneously, the human resource providing leaders for the University.

From 2003, the Ethnography, International Relations, Office Storage and Administration were adequately separated and developed into famous new Faculties appealing a lot of students’ attendance. In Nov, 2017, the University’s Rector Board continued transferring Ho Chi Minh’s Idea of the Faculty of History into the Faculty of Philosophy, which, will play as a core, together with Politics, in constructing a new faculty in the future – Political Science Faculty.

It can be said that during the journey of 40-year of establishing and developing, the Faculty of History has always been one of stabilized pillars of VNUHCM-USSH. This is also a collective workplace of brilliant lectures who are enthusiast for pedagogic career, a “birthplace” of many genuine talents in most of social life and became a one of special Training Center of human resource for the leadership in all levels of the States, most focusing in the Southern area.

Over 9,000 students graduated

In the past 40 years, The Faculty of History has trained 3,000 students for Bachelor Degree, 6,000 in service – learning and doing students, over 500 PhD and 90 Doctors. The Faculty’s lecturers have published hundreds of research works, thousands of scientific reports on both domestic and international specialized magazines. Many scientists from the famous universities in France, Russia, USA, China, India, Korea, and Thailand…came working and engaging in discussion at the Faculty.

In spite of constantly facing with many difficulties, new challenges of the modern time, the Faculty of History has kept stably moving forward and become one of the leading trustful training centers of historical science in Vietnam. At the position of a high-qualified Training and Researching Center of Social Science and Humanities among the southern provinces, the Faculty of History is working in progress of “Researching University”, gradually exchanging for international and religious integration, implement basis research and application to give the solutions for major issues of historical science, especially Southern Vietnam’s history, contribute to the economic and social development in locals, especially in southern provinces of the country.

The Faculty of History recruiting 120 students in target in 2017

 After separating 4 subjects off the curriculum, the faculty currently remains 4 main subjectswith the majors of Vietnam History, World History, Vietnam Communist Party History, and Archeology). The faculty administers 12 training curriculum includes 4 bachelor programs, 1 bachelor program for the gifted, 4 PhD programs and 3 Doctorate programs. The Faculty is training 560 students in Bachelor degree, 140 PhD candidates and 50 Doctor Candidates.

In the 2017 – 2018, the faculty is recruiting 120 targets for bachelor programs (in the combination of C and D subjects, namely Literature, English and History), 60 PhD candidates and 10 – 12 Doctor Candidates.

 Officials of the Faculty of History in Vietnamese Teacher’s Day 20th Nov, 2016.