VNUHCM-International University Announces Undergraduate Supplementary Admission 1st Batch

On 10th August, VNUHCM-International University announced their screening process for undergraduate supplementary admission (first batch of 2017).

The enrollment is open for four majors: Aquatic Resource Management, Electrical Engineering, Space Engineering, Environment Engineering, at entrance band score ranging from 18-20 points. Other bridging undergraduate programs with certifications from partner universities have entrance band scores above 16.5 points.

Find more about detailed admission criteria for majors below:

Major Codes Majors Criteria batch II (students) Entrance score (points)
52620305 Aquatic Resource Management 20 18.0
52580208 Kỹ thuật Xây dựng 20 18.0
52900109 Space Engineering 25 20.0
52520320 Environmental Engineering 30 18.5
Joint Programs *
10801 Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (Nottingham) 24  










16.5 for all majors

10802 Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (West of England) 30
10804 Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (New South Wales) 24
10805 Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (Rutgers) 17
11107 Industrial and Systems Engineering (Binghamton) 19
11105 Industrial and Systems Engineering (Rutgers) 14
10807 Electronic Engineering & Telecommunications (Binghamton) 18
11202 Information Technology (West of England) 21
11205 Computer Engineering (Rutgers) 14
11207 Computer Engineering (Binghamton) 16
20301 Business Administration (Nottingham) 11
203022 Business Administration (West of Enland – 3+1) 14
203023 Business Administration (West of England – 4+0) 44
20303 Business Administration (AUT) 65
20306 Business Administration (Houston) 41
30402 Biotechnology (West of England) 13

The application documents include registration form, admission fee (30,000VND/application), a copy of high-school graduation certificate. This application is open from 14 to 21 August, 2017.

All applicants are required to apply directly at the university or by post to: the Academic Affair Department 02.708, the International University, Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2017 – 2018 academic years, the University will invest 15 billion VND in granting scholarships for newly-admitted students achieved high scores in the university entrance exam and Consolation scholarships for students with good results in previous terms.

The scholarships for newly admitted students will be upon consideration of the students’ result from the Competence Examination held by the International University on May 2017, together with the scores from the National High-school Graduation Examination 2017.

VNUHCM-International University students visit the university campus model. Photo by VNUHCM-IU.