VNUHCM Member Universities’ Entrance Scores Surge

On 30th and 31th July, six member universities and VNUHCM-School of Medicine announced their entrance scores and official lists of admitted student intake 2017.

VNUHCM-International University: entrance scores of some majors raised by 2 – 3 points.

In comparison with previous year, entrance score of some majors at VNUCHM-International University increased by 2 -3 points, including English Linguistics, Business Administration, Information Technology, Biotechnology, Food Technology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, etc. Among that, Business Administration major obtained the highest entrance score, 26 points while other Co-operative Training Programs’ one is 16.5 point.

VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities: the Journalism and Communication major entrance score reach 27.25 points.

All undergraduate majors at the USSH announce the higher entrance scores compared to the previous year. Among majors recruiting in accordance with group C00 subjects, the Journalism and Communication along with Travel Management major have had the highest scores ever with 27.25 points. These two majors also recruit students with the score 25.5 points in accordance with group D01 and D14 entrance test.

There are only 3 majors that recruit students with score under 20 points, including Education Management at 19.75 points (Group B00, C01, D01 entrance tests), Russian Linguistics and Literature at 19.5 points (Group D01, D02 entrance tests) and Urban Studies 18.5 points (Group A00, A01, D01, D14 entrance tests).

VNUHCM-University of Economics and Laws: the highest entrance score goes to the International Economic Relations major.

The average entrance score for the University of Economics and Laws is 25.72 points. Among that, Economics programs take students with an average score above 25.99 points, Business Administration and Management programs with 25.74 points and Laws programs with 25.46 points. Noticeably, the International Economic Relations major released the highest entrance score with 27.25 points.

This year, the university top-scorer award belongs to student Tran Trong Nghiem with 28.25 points at E-commerce major, followed by 9 runner-up scorers with 28 points (excluding ‘prioritized plus points”)

VNUHCM-University of Science: Groups of Computer Science and Information Technology majors’ entrance score up by 3 points

This year, by giving 26 points as the entrance score, the groups Computer Science and Information Technology majors increased at the highest rate among others at the University of Science.

Alongside, the Information Technology Accredited Program (AUN-QA criteria accreditation) has the entrance score raise by 5 points, followed by the general Information Technology major (Viet-French) with 4.25 points up and the Chemistry (Accredited Program ) with 3.25 points.

VNUHCM-University of Information Technology: the highest entrance score is 27

 The Software Engineering major has the highest entrance score – 27 points, while the minimum score to be admitted to this university is 18 points at major Information System.

Find more about the University of Information Technology entrance score results here.

VNUHCM-University of Technology: the highest entrance score is 28

According to a report from the University’s Academic Affairs Office, the top entrance score is 28 points at the group of Computer Science and Engineering majors (increase by 2.5 points compared to the previous year).

Overall, the increasing rate of entrance scores at all major ranges from 0.5 to 3.5 points. In details, the scores raise by 3.5 points at the Geology and Petroleum Engineering major; by 3 points at the Computer Engineering major (accredited program); by 2.75 points at the Computer Science major (accredited program); by 2.75 points at the group of Industrial System Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

VNUHCM-School of Medicine: The entrance score of the General Medicine major is 28.25

 This year, the General Medicine major at the School of Medicine requires 28.25 points for admission.

In comparison to the previous year, the entrance scores of the General Medicine and Pharmacist majors raised by 1.5 – 2.75 points.

In particular, they are 28.25 points for the General Medicine major, 26.5 points for the General Medicine (accredited program) and 26.5 points for the Pharmacist major.

The School of Medicine pilots offering high-quality training as the accredited programs for the General Medicine major. This program integrates modules with European-accreditation. The students have more opportunities for group discussion in English.

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