VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise held the opening ceremony of the academic year 2017-2018

On the morning of 28/9, VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise celebrated the Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2017-2018 with the participation of Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, Prof. Nguyen Hoi Nghia , Vice President of VNUHCM and Mrs. Morgane Hessbert, Academic and University Partners Relationship in French Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City.

Prof. Nguyen Hoi Nghia and Mrs. Morgane Hessbert granted scholarships to excellent students

Prof. Nguyen Duc Nghia said that over 10 years of operation, VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise cooperated with many prestigious French universities such as Paris VI University – Pierre et Marie Curie (ranked first in France and sixth in Europe in technology and life science), University of Toulouse 1 – Capitol (ranked second in Europe in economics) … These partnerships had helped VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise build a academic space with international quality.

“I hope that with the active support from VNUHCM and the faculty of VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise, the freshmen will truly experience the international quality of training and teaching environment as French students in Vietnam. ” – Mr. Nghia  said.

According to Dr. Ho Bao Quoc, Director of VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise, VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise does not only apply the most advanced training programs of Europe and France, but also strengthens the cooperation with organizations and enterprises, creating internship opportunities for students as well as work after graduating from VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise.

On this occasion, 6 freshmen with high results in the university entrance examination 2017 were awarded scholarships with the highest value of VND56 million. 5 excellent students of the programs were also awarded VNUHCM-Pôle Universitaire Francaise scholarships with the highest value of VND 57 million.