VNUHCM-University of Technology established Major of Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering

In the afternoon of February 28th, VNU-HCM University of Technology held a ceremony to announce the decision to establish the Major of Logistics and Supply chain engineering. Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, Vice President of VNUHCM visited and handed over the decision.

Mr. Do Xuan Quang, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Logistics Association reviewed that according to the statistic unit, in the recent 10 years, the growth rate of logistics industry has been remarkably fast (10-15% / year). The World Bank’s statistics also showed that the total cost of Logistics accounted for about 20.9 percent of Vietnam’s total GDP in 2015. However, according to a recent study by a prestigious Japanese research institute, the level of supply of the Logistics industry in Vietnam accounted for only 50% of total demand. In the next three years, Vietnam would need about 3,000 positions in the Logistics industry. “This shows that logistics is a very important industry in the national economic development,” Mr. Quang emphasized.

According to Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, so far, VNUHCM University of Technology has been the only university in the country allowed to establish the Logistics Training in Vietnamese. Dr. Nghia expected teachers to build quality training programs, develop available resources to train high quality students in this new career in Vietnam.

It is known that the number of lecturers assigned this major is 23, including 4 associate professors, 11 doctors, 6 masters and 6 doctoral students at present. In 2017, the university will enroll 40 students in Logistics.

Photo: Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, Vice President of VNUHCM handed over the decision to establish the Logistics Major to Prof. Hoang Nam, Vice Rector of VNUHCM-University of Technology.