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  • Engineering & Technology:
Information Technology, Applied Geology Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Processing & Technology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Laser Technology, GIS, New Materials and Industrial Management.

  • Biotechnology:
Research into genetics and mutation in order to improve breeds of food and foodstuff plants; fruit trees; ornamental trees and industrial crops; methods of tissue planting, production of experimental breeds of plants, training and technology transfer for breed modification and breeding techniques. (Center For Plant And Breeding Research).

  • Natural resources use & Environment protection:
Treatment for fresh water supply and environmental hygiene; Techniques and technology in order to control, and treat polluted wastewater, air pollution, solid waste, noise…in southern of Vietnam; Methods to prevent industrial pollution and promote the reasonable use of natural resources: soil, forest, water, minerals, ocean environmental toxicities, quality management of the environment (Center For Environmental Technology And Management (Cefinea – EIR)).

  • Bacis Sciences:
High-grade Polish Materials, Biotechnology, Material Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry (Analytic, Synthetic, Organic, Mineral and Pharmaceutical) Biology, Earth Science, Geology and Tropical Biology.

  • Social & Humanity Sciences:
Linguistics, Languages, Journalism, Geography, Philosophy, Bibliography, Ethnic Communities Studies, Vietnamese Studies, Educational Management, Evaluation & Testing System.