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     On October 11th, 2008, the inauguration ceremony of Information Technology Innovation Club – ITIC had been taken place which attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign partner enterprises and over 500 students in attendance.

     The ITIC comes into operation bearing the mission of operating for students; creating opportunity for students to approach modern Information Technology’ helping promoting students with innovation capability and fully equip them with adequate skills which helps them to assert themselves in the study environment, in research and contextual experimentation,….  which will help asserting the position of University of Information Technology and of Vietnam National University – HCMC in regional as well as international level.

     The Club members consist of teachers, entrepreneurs and students who have passion in information technology, who want to carry out the task of connecting students; creating opportunity for students to approach modern IT; organizing academic activities for students; through which will discover the potential students and cultivate them to be the talents for UIT and the society.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Hoang Kiem congratulated the inauguration of the club, this is an interesting playground for students, create the opportunity for students to foster their desire for innovation and contribute their talents and enthusiasm for the IT development of the country. Prof. Kiem also warned the students that although in the field of nowadays IT, there are many opportunities for students to express their innovative ideas; they have to respect the intellectual property right in software innovation, respect human knowledge, and contribute their ability to discover new IT invention to help developing IT for all mankind.

     Participate in the club, students can have exchange activities, study, express their innovative ideas and the desire for research and devotion, moreover, they can have chance to approach technology appliances. In the near future, the club will have the plan and operational commitment such as the support from Microsoft for 1,000 downloads and software free using, provision of 1000 mailboxes….; the call for entrepreneurs to sponsor 5 introduction seminars on technology and 50 scholarships, create condition for 150 students to have their internship; organize academic programs to discover the connection between courses and seminars and training to diffuse Microsoft technology to students…

     On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, CMC company had awarded 15 scholarships valued 28,000,000 VND for a practical skill training course at CMC company, experts of Vitec company coming from Japan will help establishing the IT training course for UIT, set up the test training course in December 2008, provide documentaries and organize IT certification test in pursuant to Japanese standard. 

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