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Three young faces of VNUHCM in SSEAYP 2016 Print
Passing 1,000 applications with 3 rounds of strict selection, Hoang Bao, Khanh An and Nhat Anh – students of VNUHCM became 3 of 28 Vietnamese participants of The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP)  43th - 2016
The program is organized by Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and National Committee of Vietnam Youth from 25 October to 15 December 2016 in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Rich in achievements, full of experience
Full names of the three VNUHCM students participating in SSEAYP are Ta Nhat Anh (International Relations Faculty of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities), Tran Khanh An (Journalism and Communication Faculty of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities) and Nguyen Hoang Bao (Business Administration Faculty of  VNUHCM-International University). They all have common features of good English, being active and enthusiastic at social activities.

Ta Nhat Anh is known as a member of organizing board of Global Village 2015 (one of the main three events of the series “Global Leaders Summit 2015” of AIESEC-PV), a member of organizing board of Youth to Business Forum 2015 and co-creator of the video winning the First prize of CJ Innovative Challenge 2014.

Nguyen Hoang Bao etched his name with outstanding communications activities. He is the Global Student Ambassador Southeast Asia 2014-2015; Representative of Vietnam to participate in the 2014 SEA Google Student Ambassador Summit in Cebu, Philippines; Vietnam representative participating Mekong Friendship Project in 2014 took place in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam; and also the face of Vietnam participating Asean Youth Exchange Program in 2014 took place in Thailand.

Meanwhile, although just being a freshman, Tran Khanh An conquered the organizers by many impressive activities and accomplishments; the youngest delegator of JENESYS 2.0 sponsored by Japanese government; Third Prize of English Proficiency at City Level; achieved high score in national high school graduation examination (27/30 points); First Prize of NTH’s Got Talent and First Prize of For a Better World.

Besides the talents and achievements, these three young men have become more mature when having more experiences domestically and internationally: Hoang Bao has been to 9 ASEAN countries; Nhat Anh and Khanh An have been backpacking to explore almost every region of the country.

Nguyen Hoang Bao at the headquarter of Google, Singapore. Photo: NVCC

SSEAYP – from interests to passion

Having chances to learn and experience different cultures in the area, to widen visions to the world, improve knowledge and personal skills in many fields is a dream of most of Vietnamese youth and students. Therefore, every year when SSEAYP recruits participants, there are many well-prepared applications of young people sent to the organizers.

In 2016, the organizers received 1,000 applications. After screening the outstanding applications in terms of social activities, academic results and English proficiency, there were 96 candidates shortlisted to Round 2: reality check of what are declared in the registration forms. Finally, the organizers selected 28 excellent young men for SSEAYP.
Nhat Anh shared: “I joked with people that I registered SSEAYP because I want to live the name my parents gave me: “Nhat Anh”. Actually, when applying, I did not think much except for my interest of
“be close with people” and desired to challenge myself to see who I am and what my value is in this life. And fortunately, I was chosen”.
Ta Nhat Anh in Hanoi. Photo: NVCC

To Khanh An, SSEAYP is a sky of passion. “When I just entered the University, everyone around me all talked about SSEAYP, I felt it so big that it was hard to make it. Although the probability for a freshmen is not high, but I really like a philosophy that ‘In the end, you only regret the chances you didn’t take’. Thus I determined to apply. Moreover, my biggest passion is language and culture. And no place is more wonderful to satisfy this passion than SSEAYP” – Khanh An said.

To Hoang Bao, he cannot hide his happiness: “SSEAYP is a invaluable chance in such a perfect time when I have just graduated from University and promises to make my gap year become more meaningful. SSEAYP is the stepping stone for me to be more mature from international relationships; is an opportunity to cultivate knowledge and improve my skills from the activities on the Ship”.

Bring Vietnam to the big sea
Participating in SSEAYP, besides desires of learning, discovering themselves and satisfying their passions, Hoang Bao, Khanh An and Nhat Anh also simmer with a chance to promote Vietnam image to international friends.
Khanh An shared: “18 years old – 18 years living in Vietnam, I feel that this country is not only indomitable expulsion of enemies, and not only 4,000 years of civilization, but also the street iced milk coffee cups, the free iced tea boxes all over the streets, young people going to work in the morning to contribute to society then drinking bệt coffee and chatting in Notre Dame Cathedral. I want to bring a very young Vietnam, a developing Vietnam, a Vietnam not just being rich in culture but also making new cultural features... to the world”.



Tran Khanh An in Fukushima, Japan. Photo: NVCC

Hoang Bao said: “After 4 years in University, the choice of experience the student life depends on every individual. Some will choose study as a top priority. Some choose part-time jobs or invest time in their families. To me, it is not that I neglect study, or lack cares of family, but I choose to use my youth to contribute to the society, use my personal ability to bring the Vietnam soul to other people. Taking part in SSEAYP, to me, is a mission to bring the image of Vietnam country and people to the big sea”.

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