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I. Collaboration Research:

 - Core University Programs for Environment Science
 - USA Collaboration Program:

1. Information & Material Center

 The center provides information about the United States of America, about the issues which draw attention from both Vietnam and USA for cadre of Vietnamese Government, Party members, members of the National Assembly, lecturers and academic administrators, scholars so as to readers who have deep concern about USA.
The materials of the Center include reference books, documents of US Government and periodical publications. Through the Internet, the Center can connect to online databases in the US such as Lexis – Nexis, databases on Laws and Newspapers; STAR – USA, databases on business and ProQuest Direct Online with right access to more than 300 written articles so as to the summarized articles of about 1,400 magazines. The center can connect to BusinessLINK which provides the summaries of 100 publications on business, management and commerce updated monthly. USIS also has New York Times newspapers on its data, providing full articles about the news on international issues on this famous newspaper.

2. Journal Program

    The US Information Service accept and handle interview requirements of Vietnamese and International journalists who pay attention to the operation of the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and all issues concerning the Vietnam – US relationship. Moreover, the Washington File, the e-information network connected to The US Department of State in Washington contains selective speeches of US Government officials, articles and commentaries from printed newspapers and online newspapers of USA translated into Vietnamese to issue to concerning Vietnamese readers and sent to local newspapers for publicizing.

3. Books translation program

    This program had the copyright from the authors and often sponsors the translation and publication in Vietnamese books of American authors. The sponsorship is provided in respect to the competition between concerning Vietnamese organizations. These organizations are encouraged to share the expenses and agreement on publication. Books in this program are from many fields including social sciences & humanities, economics and novels.

4. Specialist program

    This program invites a specialist with high competency from the US to work at Vietnamese organizations in the period of 01 week to 10 months to organize the training workshop, help forming syllabus, consulting… on American studies, educational science, law and law education, environmental management, capital market and other fields. Vietnamese organizations with demand need to send their requirements to USIS – HCMC to express the reason of their needs for specialist, working schedule and anticipated action, specific requirements on specialist and expected results from the program. USIS – HCMC will sponsor all expenses except accommodation fee for the specialist. This fee will be bound to the host organization.

5. Orator program

    The orator program invites and sponsors the US scholars and specialists who will present at Vietnamese organizations that concern the issues about the US such as history, culture, politics, foreign policy, international - regional security strategy and others. USIS can also sponsor partial organizing expenses such as hall renting fee, report translation, translation fee… Vietnamese organizations with demand can contact USIS – HCMC to discuss the possibility of carrying out this program.
All requirements can be sent to USIS – HCMC by telephone: 821-64000/04, or Fax: 821-6405 or email to:
- Ms. Le Thi Thanh Hien (requirements on Journal program and Books Translation Program): This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
- Nguyen Huu Luan (requirements on International visitor program, Hubeert H. Humphrey program, Orator program, Specialist program): This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

II. Exchange program:

-    SIF-ASEAN Student exchange program:
This is an annual student exchanging program of Singapore International Foundation to promote the strong relationship and the friendship between ASEAN countries, it also creates the opportunity for young people to promote their ability and encourages them to contribute to development of their countries so as to the whole ASEAN.

Excellent students from 10 ASEAN countries will have a semester (from 18-20 weeks, from July to December) in one of three following universities of Singapore: Nangyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University. In addition, students will have a chance to get used to the culture and society of Singapore through the activities held by SIF.
The program will support return flight ticket, tuition fee, accommodation, insurance fee, and subsistence expenses for selected students. To join the program, applicants must be official students from universities in ASEAN countries, older than 18 years old, actively participate in social work or student activities and have good English ability.
Students that meet all the above requirements can apply for the program and receive the dossier at universities such as VNU-HCM or at Singapore Consulate in Vietnam or download from website of SIF:
http://www.sif.org. Qualified applicants will take part in the interview held by SIF and the university where the applicants study.

-    Staff and student exchange with Osaka Sangyo University (Japan):
In 1997, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City signed the MOU on collaboration with Osaka Sangyo University (Japan) on the staff and student exchanging program with the content as follows:
Annually, Osaka Sangyo University will send 10-15 students to Vietnam for activity exchange, to study about the culture, social and educational system of Vietnam in the period of 03 weeks. Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City will plan for the delegation to exchange activities with students of affiliated universities such as University of Technology, University of Social Sciences & Humanities, Faculty of Economics, take a city tour. In addition, VNU-HCM will create the opportunity for the delegation to visit Vietnam National University – Ha Noi and other famous places so as to the historical monuments of Vietnam.
Within the framework of this program, Osaka Sangyo University (OSU) will receive 03 undergraduate students or graduate students of VNU-HCM, specifically students from University of Technology and University of Social Sciences & Humanities to come to OSU for their studies, researches within 01 semester (06 months equally), starting from April or September annually. Requirement to be selected is the applicant must be full time undergraduate student or graduate students throughout the studying period in OSU, fluent in English or Japanese, can contribute to the development of the exchanging program between the two universities. If selected, the students will be supported by OSU with the monthly scholarship (about 100,000 Yen), accommodation and tuition fee.
Besides, OSU will accept staff from VNU-HCM coming to OSU to study, research within the period of 02 weeks with the supporting of 7,000 Yen/ day and accommodation in the campus.

Required documents (must be in English) includes:
-    Curriculum Vitae
-    Recommendation letter from the Board of Management
-    Writing describing the course, subject, detailed study program and estimated study time at Osaka Sangyo University
-    Academic transcripts verified by the university
-    Full time student certificate verified by the university
-    Health certificate verified by the university medical office
-    04 pictures sized 3x4
-    Other related documents