1. International collaboration in academic affairs:

VNUHCM’s educational network with universities over the world has been expanding recently. With a desire to learn and develop, VNUHCM aims to expand collaborative relationships with advanced universities in ASEAN, East Asia, North America and Europe. Up to now, VNUHCM signed more than 200 active agreements with prestigious universities in the world.

Through collaborations with international universities, VNUHCM has applied advanced models, learning and teaching methods to improve the quality of training to international standards such as CDIO model (Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate), P.F.I.E.V program, advanced programs and joint training programs.

Programme d’Excellence de Formation d’Ingenieurs au Viet Nam (PFIEV Program) was established after the visit of Mr. Jacques Chirac, the former President of France, to Viet Nam in 1997. The program was implemented at Ha Noi University of Science and Technology, Ha Noi University of Civil Engineering, Da Nang University of Technology, VNUHCM-University of Technology in the cooperation of 08 French universitites. PFIEV Program at VNUHCM-University of Technology has been accreditated and recognized by Commission des Titres d’Ingenieur for the 06 disciplinaries: Telecommunications, Energy System, Mechatronics, Aviation, Advanced Materials, and Polyme & Composite.

Advanced programs: In order to boost the higher education of Viet Nam to reach the regional and international level, VNUHCM has continued to implement several advanced programs such as Information Technology (VNUHCM-University of Science) with Portland State University, Electrical & Computer Engineering (VNUHCM-University of Technology) with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Information Management with Oklahoma State University in 2013 – 2014.

– Joint training programs:

The integration of education has brought a certain number of results through joint training programs between member universities of VNUHCM with international partners from UK, France, USA , Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland… This model offers an advanced learning environment and international services for students with lower cost than study abroad. Moreover, the quality of teaching staff is also improved through updating advanced teaching methodologies along with designing appropriate programs to meet the needs of high-quality human resources for society.

Collaboration in Education with UCLA GSE&IS:

In order to reform the training model and the management method of Viet Nam higher education based on modern standards in the world, VNUHCM has actively studied the model of Graduate School of Education and Information Studies of UCLA (GSE-IS) which is a prestigious university in the United States to develop collaborative training programs on university management and educational science, and team up strong research taskforce on issues related to education in Viet Nam and other countries in Southeast Asia, Asian education in the time of globalization. The ultimate goal of the program is the establishment of VNUHCM-Graduate School of Education (VNUHCM-GSE), a firstly standard model for higher educational training and research in Viet Nam. The implementation of these objectives at VNUHCM, a multi-disciplinary university with a high level of autonomy and a highly international reputation, will be an unique opportunity to experiment empirical research results in order to find feasible models and practical solutions for Viet Nam higher education.


Amendment signing ceremony between VNUHCM and UCLA

  1. International Collaboration in Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Education quality accreditation in accordance with international standards such as AUN-QA and ABET is an achievement which VNUHCM has obtained in recent years. Quality accreditation based on international standards is a measure of the effectiveness of training activities at VNUHCM as well as a tool to help review the strengths and weaknesses in order to be adapted to the trend of international universities. This is also the basis for the establishment of high quality training programs.

VNUHCM has accomplished 16 programs assessed by AUN assessors according to AUN-QA criteria with progressive results year by year. Additionally, VNUHCM also prouds of the two programs which are in the top three rated programs of the country: Information Technology program (VNUHCM-University of Science) and Business Administration program (VNUHCM-International University).

In particular, VNUHCM-University of Technology is the first university of Viet Nam that has two programs – Computer Science and Computer Engineering – accredited at level 3 by ABET standard in the period 2014-2015. This is the highest level of ABET standard for VNUHCM and its member universities in the process of educational integration.

  1. International collaboration in scientific research:

3.1. International collaboration in advanced scientific research:

As a multi-disciplinary and high-quality center for training, scientific research and technology transfer, VNUHCM is entrusted with an autonomy power to be the hub of Viet Nam higher education system. VNUHCM identifies its role and position towards the development of Viet Nam’s economy, society and education. This role is gradually represented through specific action plans of VNUHCM.

In the context of reformation and integration, one of VNUHCM’s strategies is to swiftly approach to the climax of scientific research, advanced technology and modern methodology of university management through collaborations with potential partners such as University of California, Bekeley (UCB), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

  • MANAR program:

The highlight in the collaboration between VNUHCM and UCB is the Molecular and NanoArchitecture program – MANAR program. After 05 years of implementation (2009-2014), the program has built up some research groups in the field of MOF and ZIF material at VNUHCM’s member universties and affiliated organizations. The initial achievements of the program are the establishment of some modern and well-equipped labolatories; VNUHCM’s young scientists have become masters in design and synthetic technology of MOF and ZIF; successfully synthetized 30 new material sample; published 25 ISI journals; successfully implemented a doctoral training program in MANAR through the mentoring model with a strong linkage between training and research; organized national and international seminars and conferences in the field of molecular and nanoarchitecture.


Seminar on Metal-Organic Frameworks – MOFs “150 Years of Beautiful Structures and Defects”.

  • Collaboration in Biomedical science:

VNUHCM currently focuses on investment in biomedical science as well as call for collaboration in this field. In the two years 2013-2014, VNUHCM has positively developed the collaboration with University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to implement Biodedical Science and Cancer program. This collaboration is originated from the demand of developing biomedical science of Viet Nam which is the advantage of UCLA. The program has successfully organized training courses for VNUHCM research students facilitating by leading professors; built the first joint research proposal on “Natual product screening using cancer stem cell model”; organized symposia on biomedical science as well as organized meetings betwwen VNUHCM and UCLA to share information and build up ideas of new research trend.



Symposium on “Structural Biology, Proteomics and Cancer”


After initial successes, both sides have discussed and approved a comprehensive collaboration including human resource training, scientific research, information and material exchange through seminars and conferences. On 30th June 2014, the highest leaderships of UCLA and VNUHCM signed an amendment to operate Biomedical Collaboration Program with two objectives:

  • Establish the center for Fundamental Biophysic and Biochemistry Science which is developed basing on the model of Center for Global Mentoring of UCLA, focuses on basic science to train VNUHCM young scientists.
  • Translational (CANCER INITIATIVE) research programs includes activities such as establishing a center for natural product screening, establishing a Cancer Research Center basing on VNUHCM-University of Science’s Stem Cell Laboratory and developing the Center into a Comprehensive Cancer Research Center.
  1. International collaboration in university management:

Enhancing the university management capacity of administrative staff is one of the significant objectives of VNUHCM. Acknowledging the importance of this objective, in recent years, VNUHCM has focused on strengthening administrative capacity for the whole system by organizing many training courses in Viet Nam as well as sending staff to study abroad.

Since 2011 up to now, VNUHCM has organized many traing courses through collaborations with prestigious partners over the world such as Loyola University Chicago; California State University, Fullerton; CHEER for Viet Nam; University of the Philippines and Singapore Management University. Particularly, in June 2014, VNUHCM and UCLA signed an amendment on collaboration in education which expressed a strong commitment of VNUHCM towards the national process of higher education reformation.

Currently, VNUHCM and its partners continue to establish specific action plans to strengthen and broaden collaborations with more investment in both financial and human resources. In addition, VNUHCM also leverages the support from universities, international organizations, partners and international projects to call for more resources for the process of development and reformation of VNUHCM.


MOU signing ceremony between VNUHCM and SMU


  1. Student exchange activities:

In recognition of the importance of equipping students with knowledge and necessary skills for integration process, VNUHCM keeps promoting international student exchange programs. Many cultural and academic exchange programs are organized to help students to be equipped with knowledge about history, culture, society, economics, education of countries around the world. Some of typical programs are the programs with Chulalongkorn University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Mahidol University, etc.

Besides, VNUHCM always facilitates and encourages students to participate in international student exchange programs such as the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program-SSEAYP, “World Festival of Youth and Student” at South Africa, “Young Speakers’ Contest and Educational Forum” organized by ASEAN Universities Network, “JENESYS 2.0” program organized by Japanese Government, etc.


VNUHCM student delegation at the 3rd ASEAN Student Leaders Forum 2014

VNUHCM students have also received scholarships from partners such as Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation, Nippon Foundation,  Tokyo Foundation, Sumitomo Corporation, Pony Chung, Toshiba Corporation,…These scholarships have been contributing greatly to support students in studying and doing research at VNUHCM.

  1. Conferences and workshops:

With its own position and reputation, in 2013 and 2014, VNUHCM hosted a number of national and international conferences, workshop and events that have great impact on the world scientific community.

The typical events includes “The 5th International Workshop on the Development of Medical and Biological  Engineering in Vietnam, 2014” by the VNUHCM- International University in June 2014 with the participation of more than 300 scientists from over 26 countries; international workshop on Metal – Organic Frameworks – MOFs “150 Years of Beautiful Structures and Defects” co-organized by VNUHCM and University of California, Berkeley in November 2014, attracting nearly 200 participants including scientists, managers and students from universities and institutions home and abroad.

Based on the educational and scientific agreement, VNUHCM and Rencontres du Vietnam (Meeting Vietnam) has co-organized many successful international conferences with the participation of the Nobel laureates such as Nanophysics: From Fundamentals to Application, conference on Physics at LHC and beyond, conference on very High Energy Phenomena in the Universe, Large Hadron Collider Physics (LHCP) conference. VNUHCM had its honor to receive 05 Nobel Laureates in Physics including Prof. Sheldon Glashow (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979), Prof. Klaus von Klitzing (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1985), Prof. Jack Steinberger (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988), Prof. David Gross (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004) and Prof. Francois Englert (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013). The talks of these leading scientists have tremendously inspired and motivated VNUHCM faculty members to do their utmost in study and research.

In addition, in May 2014, VNUHCM held an interesting talk show between VNUHCM students and the author of “The World is Flat”, American journalist  Thomas L. Friedman. The talk show helped students have more understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the context of globalization and international integration.


  1. Signing agreements:

In addition to strengthening long-term collaboration with traditional partners, VNUHCM also promotes collaboration with prestigious universities in the world. In 2013 and 2014, VNUHCM signed agreements with leading universities, typically University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and Singapore Management University (SMU). After the agreements were signed, the parties have developed the specific cooperation programs and implemented in 2013 and 2014.


Signing ceremony between VNUHCM and University California, Berkeley


Amendment signing ceremony between VNUHCM and University of California, Los Angeles

  • International Relations