AUN-QA Quality Certificate Award Ceremony at VNUHCM

The AUN-QA Quality Certificate Award Ceremony for programmes from member universities of VNUHCM that have successfully passed AUN Actual Quality Assessment was held on 09 April, 2013. These programmes include Vietnamese Studies Programme of University of Social Sciences and Humanities; Information Technology Programme of University of Science; Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering Programme and Manufacturing Engineering Programme of University of Technology together with 3 programmes of International University: Computer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology and Business Administration.

The certificates were presented to representatives of the relevant universities and departments by Professor Nantana Gajaseni, AUN
Executive Director. In her congratulatory remarks, she stressed that the AUN-QA Quality Certificate certified that the assessed programmes had the capacity and capability to live up to the standards expected to deliver to the students. So far, 7 programmes from VNU-HCM have been assessed with the first Actual Assessment since 2009 and the success of these activities is the outcome of the
combined efforts of VNU-HCM, assessed programmes and the QA assessors from ASEAN.

In addition, Certificates of Merit signed by Professor Phan Thanh Binh – VNU-HCM’s President have been presented to those units and staff that has greatly contributed to the development of Quality Assurance at VNU-HCM. Speaking at the Certification Ceremony, Professor Phan Thanh Binh said: “On its way to the global integration, VNU-HCM considers Quality Assessment at Programme Level by regional and international Quality Assurance Organizations as the top priority to stimulate the quality improvement of the whole system.”

Also in April, from 1st to 3rd, the ASEAN-QA 1st  site visit (the peer review of the Bachelor ofEngineering in Eletronics and Telecomunication of School of Electrical  Engineering, International University) has been conducted. The site visit is part of the ASEAN-QA project which is jointly conducted by German Academic Exchange, the German Rectors’ Conference, and the University of Postdam, Germany together with partners from Southeast Asia and Europe – ASEAN Quality Assurance Network, ASEAN University Network, European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, and the Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development. The objective of this collaborative project is to enhance capacity in the field of quality assurance for participating universities and to  promote regional quality assurance in Southeast Asia, paving the way for the recognition of credits and degrees in
the region based on shared quality assurance principles and standards

According to Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, Vice President of VNUHCM, the quality assessments provide a deeper insight into the quality at VNU-HCM through which the university system could know where it is standing at and find rooms for improvement. All these activities are carried out in order to implement the strategic objective: developing training programmes that meet regional and international standards.


The Opening session overview at the program-level External Assessment based on AUN-DAAD’s Standards










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