Concluding Conference Of The Execution Of Career Orientation – University Admission Consultancy

Recently, VNUHCM successfully held the conference for concluding the execution of career orientation – university admission consultancy in 2016 and planning for 2017.

Up to October 2016, VNUHCM had held more than 100 programs and 6 orientation days in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau,… VNUHCM had been training skills for ambassador students, college consultants and high school teachers; welcomed students to attend the practical career-orientation activities at VNUHCM member universities, School of Medicine as well as VNUHCM-Dormitory.

In addition, VNUHCM released essential publications to support the execution of career orientation – college admission consultancy such as Guide of College Admission (Book 1); Insights into Career Orientation and Classification: Theories and Realities; Handbook for Career Orientation – college admission consultancy. Moreover, VNUHCM launched a website for career orientation ((, a social network channel (Career365) to provide students and their parents with more useful information for selecting majors and colleges.

As being shown in the concluding report, there were more than 200 thousand of students accessed information sources about career orientation and college admission consultancy provided by VNUHCM. Specifically, 20 per cent of those students accessed information through orientation days, 60 per cent through programs while the other 20 per cent were able to access thanks to the high school teachers training programs. Delegations of VNU-HCM consultants arrived in 20 cities and provinces that had the greatest number of students enrol in VNUHCM.

The orientation programs and events held by VNUHCM not only contribute to broadcasting identity, training quality as well as service quality of its member universities and faculties, but also help students and their parents to get more insights into the teaching and researching activities as well as learning environment at VNUHCM.

In response to the policy of renovating the 2017 National High School Graduation Examination issued by the Ministry of Education and Training, VNUHCM will continue its execution of career orientation – college admission consultancy with many more programs and publications to meet the demands of varied locals and member universities in VNUHCM system.

At the conference, VNUHCM Board of President awarded certificates of merit for 3 teams and 5 individuals that had excellent achievements in career orientation and college admission consultancy in 2016.


Photo: Collectives and individuals receiving certificates of merit from VNUHCM Board of President.

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