Cuba delegation visited and worked with Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM)

In the afternoon of October 13th,2011, VNU-HCM had a meeting with Dr. Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, Scientific Advisory from the Council of the Republic of Cuba.


Dr. Fidel Castro (left) visited the Nano Technology Laboratory

Accompanying the Cuban delegation was Mr. Héctor Conde Almeida, representative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the Republic of Cuba and Mr. Gabriel Pérez Tarrau, Consul General of the Republic of Cuba in Vietnam. In this visit to Vietnam,especially VNU-HCM,, Mr. Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart wanted to have a better understanding of the education conditions and the country of Vietnam ,therefore to expand long-term cooperation in education as well as in
other areas of the same interest between the two countries.


Dr. Fidel Castro visited the Department of Biomedical Engineering – International University.

VNU-HCM took the Cuban delegation to visit VNU-HCM urban areas as well as introducing outstanding technological achievements.


Dr. Fidel Castro visited the Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC)

In the meeting, Dr. Fidel Castro Diaz Balart  was impressed with the achievements that the VNU-HCM has reached, especially those in the field of Nano technology. He said that Cuba was learning to do similar tasks and hoped to be able to achieve its goal with help and support from VNU-HCM through the long-term relationship and cooperation..
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh, President of VNU-HCM, remarked that  Vietnam and Cuba have one thing in common which was both countries have  suffered the embargo .So, we sympathized with and understood the difficulties of scientists and educators in that period. Therefore, the VNU-HCM would try its best to help and support Cuba.
In addition, both parties also presented strategies to develop education, key focus of investment to make it easy to discuss long-term cooperation.




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