Department of State Exchange Programs

Dear Alumni of Department of State Exchange programs,

We are pleased to announce the new funding opportunities
available on State Alumni: Community of Science (COS) Funding Opportunities™.

Community of Science (COS) Funding Opportunities™ is the
largest, most comprehensive database of available funding, containing more than
25,000 records representing over $33 billion in grants, fellowships, prizes,
and more. Researchers, scholars, and other professionals in all
disciplines can easily find timely and relevant information necessary to secure
the funding they need to advance their work.

COS Funding Opportunities™ will be available on State Alumni
with the CSA Illumnia search platform for a limited trial. 

  Features include:

  • Opportunities by sponsors
    throughout the world for recipients throughout the world.
  • Sponsors include private
    foundations, public agencies, national and local governments, corporations
    and more.
  • Monies available for work
    in all disciplines: physical sciences, social sciences, life sciences,
    health & medicine, arts & humanities.
  • Funding for many purposes,
    such as research, collaborations, travel, curriculum development,
    conferences, fellowships, postdoctoral positions, equipment acquisitions,
    capital or operating expenses.
  • Updated daily, all
    information verified with sponsor, edited for consistency and optimized
    for accurate searching.
  • Comprehensive Funding Information 
Login to State Alumni at
to take advantage of this great new database, available on the "Online
Resources" menu.  If you do not already have a State Alumni account,
register today at:
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