Dr. Truong Hai Nhung: Learning How To Balance Between Work And Family

There are not the few people who are filled with energy and love around us. They are like fishes swimming upstream. They can understand the upcoming difficulty but always try to bring hope for life. Dr. Truong Hai Nhung – lecturer at VNUHCM-University of Science (VNUHCM-US) – the only young scientist received the Golden Globe Award 2016 in the field of biotechnology is such that kind person.

As a 32-year-old woman with slightly slender figure and young face with smiles always blossomed on the lips, Dr. Nhung impressed the academic community by dozens of studies supporting the treatment of serious diseases such as cirrhosis, Diabetes mellitus, cancer, etc.

The natural Associate with research

She believed that she did not choose the career, but the career of researching chose her as a fate: “I have failed twice in my efforts to enter medical school, but I have learned to aspire to biotechnology, although I did not know how to study it and what will I do after graduated? ”

The confusion of her first day in university gradually replaced by the interesting of biotechnology. The more she learns, the more she finds the matching between this field of study with her passion. In the second year, she and a friend wrote a letter asking to work in the school’s lab. “Second year students doing that is very risky, but it is too fond of asking. Fortunately, the teacher accepted both of them because of their spirit of learning”- Nhung laughed happily.

It was the first step on the research path that she still though as a thousand-mile journey. For months of washing the test tube and watching the “senior” work, with her was not monotonous at all but because of those works, she fervently aspires to become a professional researcher later.

Nhung graduated with a good university degree, retained to work at university, then went on to study for a master’s and doctoral degree. Although there are more opportunities to study abroad and work better elsewhere, she is still attached to the lab as a patient and industrious worker bee. The choice was not so easy with her. “Looking at my friends leaving school, going to work for high salaries, I was a little upset. But research work has never made me regret. There are dedicated colleagues, there are fun that out there is not easy to find ” She said.

During the conversation, there are times when she stopped for a long time, paying special respect and love to her “teachers” and her parents: “On the path of study, without teacher Phan Kim Ngoc Pham Van Phuc, I can’t probably gain my success today. Besides, our parents are the ones who are most indebted to us. ”

Nhung’s childhood was a difficult time, parents had to work as hired labor in the old brick kiln in district 9. Image of parents struggling through many failures is the motivation for her strive constantly in learning and Self-improving. Later, each time doing research, she remembers those days: “It is parents themselves who give me experience and energy to live.”

The stories she told seem to have little concern with fate, but there is still a picture of a woman who believes in herself, never afraid of failure.

Never spending enough time with children

At the age of 30, Dr. Truong Hai Nhung has a remarkable list of scientific achievements: 16 research papers published in international journals, 10 publications in domestic magazines, 8 reports at the international conference, she co-authored three international books and one local book. She must be busy and stressed? She gently said that it is only the responsibility of a scientist and the ordinance of an ordinary woman.

According to her, the most difficult problem for a female science when married is the time budget becomes extremely limited. No more nights slept in the lab, no more carefree moments like the time of celibacy: “I also had an inner struggle, always ask myself if I fulfilled my responsibility yet? (Responsibility of a researcher, a lecturer, and responsibility for the family). And I learn to manage time, so that each side can be fulfilled the most, although it’s never enough, especially for my little son. ”

She compared her image 10 years ago and now: if she can decide everything by herself when she was single, she had more things to concern after getting married. As a result, scientific research could also be finished, but everything slows down a bit. “Sometimes I think it’s tired after getting married. However, it is responsibility and joy, not pressure. I Have chosen this path, it is difficult or not depending on myself. ”

She devotes her barely resting time to her family, the suburban home is where she balances the emotions in her life. There are parents, husband and 5-year-old son. According to her, beside with her family helping her freeing everything to wholeheartedly feel the simple pleasures: “Modern women have more options. Someone like to be single but many of them want a small family to return. I belong to a second group so I have to learn how to balance work and family.

At the present, Nhung’s new day begins with her son, prepares the breakfast, goes to school with him, and goes on to do research. She confided: “I must finish my housework to be able to work peacefully, if not I would be too worried to work.”

There are women living with passion burning in their heart, do not allow herself to stop when failed. They go against the wind, endure all difficulties but still try to fulfill their duties. These women are the green sprouts that bring hope to this life.

Dr. Nhung with her colleagues

Dr. Truong Hai Nhung at the lab




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