570 years Anniversary of Korean language promulgation

In the morning of 23 October, on campus 1 (Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1), VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities with the Korean Consulate in HCMC and Korean international exchange fund organized the 570 years Anniversary of Korean language promulgation.

In the celebration, there were Mr. Jeong Woo Jin – Deputy Consul General of Korean Consulate in HCMC, Mr. Park Kyoung Chul – Director of the representative office of Korean Foundation in Hanoi, Mr. Vu Van Hoa – Chairman of Vietnamese – Korean Friendship Association HCMC, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Vo Van Sen  – Rector of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities with the representatives of 13 universities, colleges teaching Korean and Korean Studies in HCMC, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Ba Ria- Vung Tau and Da Lat.

Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Van Sen gave prominence to the role of Vietnamese – Korean cultures exchange through the organizing Korean cultural festivals in HCMC.

“I believe that annual Korean language festival will become a good chance to connect all Korean studies training networks in the Southern region, to link Vietnamese schools and Korean business organizations” – said Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Van Sen.

According to Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Van Sen, Chinese language was imported to Korean peninsula since Century II BC. However, Korean people could not use Chinese characters to record their words. Therefore, they put a lot of efforts to adjust Chinese language to suit Korean one. In century VI-VII, Idu letters and Hyangchal letters of Korean words were born based on the sense and sound of Chinese letters.

But just like Demotic script of Vietnam, if not fluent in Chinese, Korean people could not use Idu and Hyangchal. Therefore, until Century XV, Sejong the Great and elite scholars of Joseon invented Hangeul script system including 28 letters. This is a scientific, simple and easy-to-use writing system so it made good condition to improve people’s intellectuality, develop science and technology as well as reap many other cultural achievements.

In 1997, Hangeul was put into World Memory list of UNESCO. And the date 09 October of every year was chosen to be the anniversary of King Sejong’s great invention to honor the cultural heritage of Korean people.

With the theme Korean language enlightens the world, the anniversary of Korean language this year was held with many activities such as: cuisine, folk games of Vietnam and Korea, Korean calligraphy writing competition…



Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vo Van Sen presented flowers and souvenirs to Mr. Jeong Woo Jin – Deputy Consul General of Korean Consulate in HCMC



Korean calligraphy writing


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