Laos and Cambodian new year festival at VNUHCM-University of Economics and Law

April 22 morning, VNUHCM-University of Economics and Law (VNUHCM-UEL) held the UEL integration festival – Laos and Cambodian New Year festivals, and the 4th Folk Music School Festival with the theme “Culture Terminal”.

Joining the festival, students experienced a variety of exciting new activities which were “Cultural Talk”, “Cultural Market” and “Cultural Storm”.

“Cultural Talk” was a forum for overseas students and VNUHCM-UEL students to share cultures and learning experiences. “Cultural Market” and “Cultural Storm” displayed many traditional cultural products and food from Laos, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Among which, water splashing during the traditional Lunar New Year of Laos, Cambodia received the enthusiastic response of the students.

Not fluently in Vietnamese, Latdavanh Xaynalor – a Laos student – still tried to present the traditional new year of her country. She hoped that her friends would remember: “April is the month for Laos Lunar New Year”.

Nguyen Thi Lai, 1st year student, said: “This is the first time I have participated in traditional rituals taking place in the Lunar New Year festival of Laos, Cambodia like thread tying, perfumed watering. Through the festival, I found a lot more interesting things about the culture of other countries. ”

Along with the Laos and Cambodian New Year Festival, the Folk Music School Festival also brought to the main stage many performances with cultural identity of the peoples.

The program was organized by the Students Union of VNUHCM-UEL to help students understand the friendship and solidarity among countries in the region; inspired them to strive to become a global citizen in the future.


Lao students performing traditional dance

Students participating in the thread tying to pray for peace

  The students were enthusiastically participating in the water festival

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