Launching the website to assist students on National Entrance Examination registration

On 26/3, the website has been officially “launched” in order to assist students to fill in information for National Entrance Examination which is prerequisite to get admission to university, college 2017 in a proper way.

The website is built based on idea of co-author Dr. Le Thi Thanh Mai (VNUHCM), Mr. Phung Quan, MA; Mr. Van Chi Nam, MA (VNUHCM -University of Science) and being developed by PIKSAL JSC. By simulation overall of National Entrance Examination registration to university, college 2017 in a visual animated way, the website helps students to fill in clear information and avoid mistake.

Dr. Le Thi Thanh Mai, Director of student affairs department, Head of Vocational Training – Admissions Consultant VNUHCM said, this tool will help students arrange their aspirations which is suitable with hobby, ability to increase the chance of election.

Currently, the temporary registration list in website includes universities members of VNUHCM. When being sure about their aspiration, they can print it out and write in main document.

“We hope that, with this tool, students will have a complete document to be confidently enter to the exam and get the highest score” – Dr. Thanh Mai said.

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