Meeting with Vietnam – China Trade Promotion Center

On June 3rd, 2009, Information Technology Park – VNU-HCM (IT Park) had a meeting with VietnamChina Trade Promotion Center
The participants were representatives of some Chinese enterprises and famous colleges such as Guangzhou G-nenrgy Software Co., Guilin Hunter Information Industry Co., Ltd specialized in researching and publishing software, Guangxi Tam Nguyen High-technology Co. of high-technology field, Guangxi ThinKing Software Co. specialized in training technical human resources for software publish companies, Zhuang Yuan Lang Nanning Vocational School and Beijing Aptech University specialized in training major information technology in China. At the meeting, representatives expressed great concern about the fields such as informatics electric, microchip design and hi-tech human resources training that IT Park is developping  


At the end of meeting, IT Park and VietnamChina Trade Promotion Center implemented cooperation program in detail, and it builds a long relationship between Vietnam and China

source: VNU-ITP

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