MOU signing ceremony between VNU-HCM and Mekong Delta’s Universities & Community Colleges

In the evening of January 22, 2010, VNU-HCM held an MOU signing ceremony between VNU-HCM and Mekong Delta’s Universities and Colleges at the Hall of Independence Palace.
There was an attendance of leaders and directors from South West Directing Board, Ho Chi Minh City, South provinces, VNU-HCM, VNU-HCM’s members, Mekong Delta’s universities and colleges (Can Tho University, Tien Giang University, An Giang University, Tra Vinh University, Ca Mau Community College, Kien Giang Community College, and Vinh Long Community College). 
The purpose of this cooperation is to strengthen the bonds with universities and colleges, to contribute to the regions’ economical-social development through scientific research, technology transfer, training, and increase in standard, improvement of human resources of the South as well as Mekong Delta.
Based on the principle “Joining for a stable development of Mekong Delta”, these are the cooperation’s aims affirmed by units: to share information and experience in education’s development and human resources of Mekong Delta; to raise teaching staff’s ability, educational management and scientific research; to split the learning sources and create conditions for excellent students; and to have more opportunities to establish connections with foreign universities and colleges.
Furthermore, VNU-HCM’s connections with Mekong Delta’s universities and colleges have been made in order to solve typical problems of each locality: training in management at universities and colleges of the south of Hau river, and research into environmental resources for Ca Mau, Kien Giang, Dong Thap peninsula, etc.
At the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh remarked: “The cooperation with Mekong Delta’s universities and colleges is a breakthrough that increases system’s strength in educational mission, improves human resources for the country’s establishment and development, and shows educational change’s dynamics. Education is not only limited in academic environment but also changeable to catch up with the trend of development. Besides, this cooperation also means an increase of unification and understanding between scientists, lecturers and students”.
Lieutenant Luu Phuoc Luong – Vice President of South East Directing Board stated: “The cooperation between VNU-HCM and Mekong Delta’s universities and colleges is very necessary to share effective teaching methods, compile textbooks and materials, take advantage of facilities and equipments, etc; and make full use of brain-power of teaching staff at VNU-HCM where there are many achievements in education, training, research and application of science-technology. This connection also makes a new step for education and training so that human resources could be improved in coming years”. At the same time, Lieutenant emphasizes that South West Directing Board, would be very important to stimulate the bonds between universities and colleges in the fields of education and training, to make contribution to development of the whole country as well as Mekong Delta.


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