Opening Of Vietnam National University – HCMC’s Second Assembly Meeting – Third Term-2008

On October 10, 2008, VNU-HCM’ s Assembly held the third-term second plenary session with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phan Thanh Binh, the chairperson the Assembly, President of VNU-HCM as chairman.

At the conference, delegations listened to reports, discussed and proposed for conference’s agenda consisting of:

          Reporting on operational situation of VNU-HCM in 4 passed months.

          Making suggestion on VNU-HCM’s annual report 2008.

          Reporting on finance, VNU-HCM’s development fund, general planning regulation which included the report on VNU-HCM campus construction project and projects for establishing new units belonging to VNU-HCM.

          Reporting on progress of researches into VNU-HCM’ s development strategy.

The members of the Assembly approved and highly appreciated the reports about the operational situation of VNU-HCM in four passed months and annual report in academic year 2008-2009, President of VNU-HCM presented them. They also offered many suggestions on other reports and projects presented at the conference. Paying attention to promote strong points of VNU-HCM, some members suggested that VNU-HCM should strongly orient to scientific research in order to contribute to higher educational quality, have the measure for investing in scientific research, and announce the figures of scientific research’s achievements widely. VNU-HCM should choose a few research majors, faculties or universities to strive for international standard in its progress. In addition, the members particularly cared about creating student culture at VNU-HCM, this is the general cultural knowledge which should be taught to students…

The next plenary session of VNU-HCM’s Assembly will be held in February 2009.


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