Over a thousand students attended the speech of Harvard’s President

[Posted on 23/3/2017]

Prof. Drew Gilpin Faust – President of Harvard University had a meeting with Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat – President of VNUHCM during the visit to VNUHCM- University of Social Sciences and Humanities on March 23rd.

Introducing about VNUHCM as a high quality center of higher education, postgraduate and scientific research – technology , Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat wishes VNUHCM and Harvard University will strengthen cooperation, promote exchange in experience, in research as well as various fields for the process of intensive educational integration between the two universities.

Sharing the reasons for choosing VNUHCM as the starting point for her visit to Viet Nam, the President of the world’s most prestigious university, said: ” For more than three decades before I became president of Harvard, I worked as a scholar and teacher of history.  For that reason it gives me special pleasure to be here at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, one of Vietnam’s preeminent centers for historical study. ”
Speaking to more than 1,000 lecturers and students of VNUHCM on the topic “Aftermath: War, Memory and History” Professor Drew Gilpin Faust skillfully spread the message of peace and wished to heal wounds between two peoples of Viet Nam and America.
“It also means a great deal to me to be here in your country, for important parts of our national histories have been intertwined in ways that have affected all of us.” GS Faust started her presentation.

The professor said she was still looking forward to someday, Viet Nam in her mind will no longer be the name of a sudden conflict that overtook her generation of young Americans, but a society and nation with all its complexity, its beauty, its history, its vibrancy, and its promise.

Referring to Kien’s narratives in Bao Ninh’s The Sorrow of War ” Why choose war? Why must he write of the war?” Professor Faust said:” Like him, we write and we talk and we remember because we struggle to understand how war has made us. Vietnam and the United States fought against one another in a long and devastating war.  Now, both separately and together, we confront its aftermath.”

She concludes: “History is indispensable in that effort.  It helps us confront the ghosts and the demons that the tragedies of the past leave as their legacy to the present.  It illuminates the blindnesses and cruelties that enable war.  It equips us to imagine and strive for peace.”

In the following press meeting, Prof. Drew Gilpin Faust said that Harvard University has 16 students of Vietnamese nationality studying there. Answering the reporter’s question about scholarship opportunities of Vietnamese students when they came to study at Harvard after this visit, the President of Harvard University said: “Vietnamese students will have the opportunity to receive scholarships as students in American students. There will be no distinction between American and foreign students. We will review each student’s financial condition for the most appropriate scholarship support. ”

Students of VNUHCM-USSH gave a warm welcome to Prof. Drew Gilpin Faust . Photo: ĐỨC LỘC


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