VNUHCM-University of Technology students won the First Prize of international robot competition

Le Quang Dung and Pham Nhat Tan, students of HiTech Mechatronics Lab of VNUHCM-University of Technology won the First prize of SeoulTech Drone Competition 2016 which took place on 14-18 October in Korea.

During the competition, the team joined the exhibition of student’s creativeness projects and performance of drones. The team had to control the drone following the directions of the map to reach a peak at the height of 0.5 meter within the 3 minutes maximum. As a result, this product of Quang Dung and Nhat Tan was evaluated as the best quality by the Judges.

The International Robot Competition which took place at KINTEX in Gyeonggi was organized by National Seoul University of Science and Technology with the ultimate objectives of strengthening technological exchanges with different countries among Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, the USA, and so on. The competition with the support of the Intellectual Properties Department in Korea consisted of 24 events for 10 categories, such as Grand Challenge, Humanoid Robot, Robot Tech….

The HiTech Mechatronics Lab as part of Lab for Mechatronics of VNUHCM-University of Technology was founded and managed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Tien in the hope that the lab is a platform for students to study. It is noticeable that the HiTech Mechatronics lab team has achieved great achievements in research and development projects over the past years.


The two students won the First prize of SeoulTech Drone Competition 2016.Photo: BK Media

The drone control by the HiTech Mechatronics Lab team. Photo: BK Media


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