The Master of Ecological Marine Management

The Master of Ecological Marine Management
(ECOMAMA) is an interuniversity two year master programme organized by the
Biology departments of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB, Free University of
Brussels) and Universiteit Antwerpen (UA, Antwerp University).
There is a close cooperation with Universiteit Gent (UGent, University of Ghent).

ECOMAMA addresses students with a
background in Sciences. It provides them with strong fundamental and applied
knowledge and prepares them for an active role in the scientific research and
management of marine ecosystems.

The programme adopts a
multidisciplinary approach integrating physical, chemical geological,
ecological and societal aspects and including nature conservation and
sustainable development.

 The ECOMAMA master programme is an
International Course Programme (ICP) co-financed by VLIR-UOS.

 Information about how to apply for
the next academic year 2009-2010 is available on the VLIR website

 The deadline to apply for the next
academic year will be the 1st of February 2009.

 To be admitted to ECOMAMA, students
with a foreign diploma need to submit an application form (proof of meeting the
academic, and language requirements, providing recommendation letters, etc.) to
the Secretariat of the Faculty of Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Students should be careful to submit their application on time and not to
exceed the deadline. Only complete application files will be considered! The
deadlines can be found on the ECOMAMA-website:

 ECOMAMA is open to holders of a
four-year bachelor’s degree in Science, a three-year bachelor’s degree in Science
with relevant professional experience, Bachelor in Engineering,  Bachelor in Veterinary studies,
Bioengineering, Licentiate in Science or Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
Equivalency will be evaluated case by case by the ECOMAMA

Steering Committee. A certificate of
fluency in English with the relevant score is required:

TOEFL paper: 550

TOEFL computer: 213

TOEFL internet : 80

IELTS: 6.5 (and 6.0 for written part)

  .   Cambridge EFL Advanced
English: B

  .   Cambridge EFL Proficiency
in English: C


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