Training On Marketing Communication For Library Activities

On August 11th, more than 120 representatives from universities in Southern provinces attended the training on “Marketing Communication on Library Activities” hosted by the Vietnamese Library Association of Southern Academic Libraries (VILASAL) and Library of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities at USSH’s Dinh Tien Hoang Campus. Dr. Huynh Van Thong – Dean of Faculty of Journalism and Communication was the training’s speaker.

Dr. Huynh Van Thong shared that the recent internet and digital technology development has created several new communication tools for business. The world of communication has become more diversified and challenging. As their close relation to information and communication activities, the library – communication is in need to renovate and learn to enhance the values of their services, to attract readers, especially students of universities.

Dr. Huynh Van Thong told that universities’ libraries should adjust their approach from “bring the reader to library” to “bring the library to reader”, by creating more opportunities and advantages for readers, so that they can enjoy library’s services in the most comfortable and convenient ways.

“We need to focus on new service integrating modern technologies (initiate library’s services phone-apps), using social networks to approach potential readers (create fan-pages, websites with attractive contents), implying the demands for the prompt and convenient process of read-borrow-return service (simplify services)”, Dr. Thong suggested.

“The library’s public is the public of a book. That book cannot touch reader’s heart by itself. The reading culture is a world of creativeness, therefore, we need to maintain and create more spaces for it”, Dr. Thong shared.

Dr. Huynh Van Thong spoke on the training.

An overview of the training.

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