Transfer Education From Collegiate to University in Cultural Studies and Information Library Studies

On December 23rd, 2008, Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia – Vice-President of VNU-HCM signed the Correspondent No. 2030/QĐ-ĐH&SĐH allowing the University of Social Sciences & Humanities of VNU-HCM to open the pilot transfer education from Collegiate to University level in the two majors of Cultural Studies and Information Library Studies from the Academic Year of 2008-2009.

On the first hand, the university is allowed to open their admission for two courses of 2009 and 2010; not later than September 2011, after the graduation of 2009 course, the university must organize the workshop on experience withdrawal on the admission and education of before mentioned majors.

The feature of this education model is the transfer education curriculum is designed upon basing on the comparision between the existing curriculum at university level of USSH with the curriculum of those that have the collegiate education level for two majors of Cultural Studies and Information Library Studies, besides, in order to absorb the knowledge of above mentioned transfer programs, the university will organize the teaching of some supplementary subjects in order to improve the knowledge of students before joining those tranfer majors; the education period is 2 years; the education method is carried out in pursuant to the credit system.

The target of the program is those who had the Associate degree of Collegiate level of above mentioned majors, those who graduated with fair and above will be able to take the entrance exam right after graduation, those who graduated with average must have at least 1 year experience of working in position that have connection with their major. The examination subjects consist of the major foundation subject and skill subject; classes which are held at day will be granted with official system degree, those which are held at night will be grandted with in service system degree.

Happened to know, in the Academic Year 2008-2009, University of Social Sciences & Humanities was approved by the President of VNU-HCM to officially open the tranfer program from Collegiate level to University level for the major of English Language and Literature.

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