UIT – VNU-HCM Inaugurated the IT Universalize Computer Room for Hue Phong Co., Ltd


In the afternoon of December 31st, 2008, at Hue Phong Co., Ltd (Ward 12, Go Vap District, HCMC), the representatives from University of Information Technology of Vietnam National University-HCMC and the trade union of Hue Phong Co., Ltd had organized the inauguration ceremony for the internet connected computer room including 20 computer sets value 70 million VND in order to generalize the IT for the employees of Hue Phong Co., Ltd. Attended in the ceremony were representatives of University of Information Technology, the City’s Union of HCMC, the Labour Association of Go Vap District, leaders and 100 employees of Hue Phong Co., Ltd.


This is the project signed between the trade union of University of Information Technology and the trade union of Hue Phong Co., Ltd. The goal of the project is to be carried out in 3 years, Hue Phong Co., Ltd will support 2 rooms including the electricity fee, the admission and introduction for the service to employees, support the scholarship and free Internet connection card for the employees; in the side of the trade union of University of Information Technology, they will equip the whole computer sets, the teacher for IT generalize, IT training in level A, B together with other IT services for employees of Hue Phong Co., Ltd with no charge. This is also a project in the series of activities of UIT’s trade union on IT generalization for the youth and employees of manufacturing organization in HCMC region.

Right after the inauguration ceremony, the first IT generalization course was started on January 5th, 2009 and was free with 15 classes for more than 400 employees. The method of organizing the classes would be suitable for the working time of employees in order to meet the needs on theory learning and practicing of learners after the working hour. The training classes will be held within the employees dormitory of Hue Phong with full infrastructure for teaching and learning. Learners participate in the course will learn basic IT, computer skills; internet using skills and some useful applications suitable for the needs of using and exploiting information technology of the employees so as to improve their IT skills. The syllabus based on the documentation of UIT, in addition, learners will be provided with optional IT knowledge in accordance with the requirement of the company.


Accordingly, in the next 3 years, the trade union of UIT will continue to deploy this project, anticipatedly invest more 200 million VND, set up 2 computer rooms with 40 computer sets in order to meet the growing IT demands of employees of Hue Phong Co., Ltd.

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