VNU-HCM and Hoa Sen Group signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On March 4, 2010, at Asiana Intercontinental Hotel, VNU-HCM and Joint Stock Company (Hoa Sen Group) signed strategic cooperation agreement.


Under the agreement, in the near future, VNU-HCM and Hoa Sen Group will promote the development, cooperation in the field of training and scientific research, technology transfer in order to meet the supply of high quality human resources, the development requirements of VNU-HCM and Hoa Sen Group; utilize the facilities, finance, human resource, experiences of both parties to serve the training, development of high quality human resources and modern scientific technology; promote scientific research, technology transfer for production; enhance the capacity of research staff and management staff to fulfill the needs of economic – social development of the country and of each unit.


Addressing at this event, Professor Phan Thanh Bình, President of VNU-HCM said, VNU-HCM expected to foster and raise the cooperative relationship between VNU-HCM and Hoa Sen Group into a higher level, representing the need and uphold the capability of both. He also hoped this relationship would become a model for the cooperation between universities and enterprises in the future, contributing to meet the requirements and bring practical efficiency to the country and its community.


On this occasion, Hoa Sen Group and individually CEO Lê Phước Vũ decided to sponsor VNU-HCM Foundation with 2 billions VND.

Hoa Sen Group has sponsored many academic activities, scientific research, internship, scholarship, student activities of University of Technology and Faculty of Economics and Law VNU-HCM. Thanks to Hoa Sen Group’s policy of actively using young staff, a large number of graduates of VNU-HCM have also had a chance to work and contribute to the development of Hoa Sen Group.


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