VNU-HCM Promulgated the Regulations on Postgraduate Education at Master Level

On January 05th, 2009, Assoc. Prof. Phan Thanh Binh – President of VNU-HCM had signed the Decision No. 01/QĐ-ĐHQG-ĐH&SĐH on promulgating the Regulations on Postgraduate Education at Master Level of VNU-HCM. This Regulations will replace all legislation on postgraduate admission and education at master level in the “Temporary Regulations on Postgraduate Admission of VNU-HCM” and “Regulations on Postgraduate Education of VNU-HCM”.

This Regulations is established based on the common regulations on postgraduate education at master level of the Ministry of Education & Training, based on the referencing of regulations on master education of elite universities worldwide which is suitable for the education structure of VNU-HCM and meet the higher educationa quality standard in pursuant to the particular requirement of VNU-HCM.

The Regulations consist of 7 chapters, 58 terms which set out common issues on master education of VNU-HCM, including: common regulations, regulations on institutes for master education and establishment of new master education major, regulations on master education curriculum, the administration, organizing and admission for the master education program.

Happened to know, VNU-HCM will apply regulation on admission in the new Regulations from the admission of phase 2/2009 (in August 2008). New regulations in the new Regulations will be applied for learners of the new course of phase 2/2009 onwards.

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