VNUHCM and Ministry of Science and Technology signed the cooperation

On the afternoon of 21/4, at VNUHCM Administration Building, VNUHCM and Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) signed a cooperation agreement to implement the Science & Technology Development Strategy 2011-2020.

Attending the ceremony were leaders of MOST; Board of Directors, leaders of member universities, affiliated units and functional departments of VNUHCM.

According to Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh – Minister of Science and Technology, this event is a step to concretize the direction of the Party on S & T development in the coming time.

Both sides will cooperate in order to effectively implementing the “S & T Program for Sustainable Development in the South West Region” and programs for basic science development in the fields of physics, chemistry, Earth science and marine sciences based on the strength of VNUHCM.

At the same time, both sides coordinate the implementation of activities to support enterprises to apply and renew technology; To invest in the development of a number of basic and applied research organizations of VNUHCM up to the regional and world level, capable of addressing important national issues; Undertaking extraordinary tasks at the request of the Party and Country.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will assist VNUHCM in implementing the “Program for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Genetic Resources by 2025 with orientation to 2030”; Implement activities related to intellectual property, start-up and innovation; Upgrading the Journal of Science and Technology Development of VNUHCM to meet international standards.

Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat, VNUHCM Director, said: “This agreement creates favorable conditions for VNUHCM, especially for researchers, lecturers and students to have favorable conditions in scientific research, high technology transfer and community service. Through that, it is possible to jointly carry out the undertakings and policies of the Party, the National Assembly, the Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology in the field of science and technology. ”
On this occasion, the leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology paid a visit to VNUHCM Campus, VNUHCM-Center for Molecular and Nano architecture (INOMAR), and VNUHCM-International University for Tree-planting at VNUHCM. Minister Chu Ngoc Anh highly appreciated the achievements of INOMAR and the achievement of financial autonomy of the International University. He said that with its potential, VNUHCM will develop firmly.

VNUHCM and Ministry of Science and Technology signed the cooperation

Minister Chu Ngoc Anh give a speak at the meeting

Minister Chu Ngoc Anh visited VNUHCM-International University

Prof. Huynh Thanh Dat presents souvenir to Minister Chu Ngoc Anh




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