On September 22, 2009, coordinating with Faculty of Environment, Holcim cement Company-Vietnam holds a workshop on “INDUSTRIAL SEWAGE  IN VIETNAM: STATEMENT AND SOLUTIONS” at A4 conference room, University of Technology (VNU-HCM)
According to statistic of Holcim cement Company’s experts, there are about 70,000 ton/day of sewage and 100,000 ton/year of poisonous industrial sewage around HCMC and neighboring provinces.

Holcim cement Company-Vietnam use technology of big cement companies  on over the world by using 10 to 17% of substitute fuels for manufacturing. Substitute fuels are mainly combustible sewage like plastic waste, waste oil, and waste from footwear and garment industry. This method provides advantage of effective waste treatment by reusing it to energy, which helps reduce energy cost and CO2 considerably. Furthermore, enterprises will be more active in production thanks for stable material source which can be used for a long term.
Waste statement in Vietnam is gradually damaging our environment; waste treatment incinerators are in overload statement. Holcim cement Company’s experts raise question of solutions to students, especially students from Department of Environment and put high expectations on them for finding solutions to different types of waste.

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