Abundant Start-Up Opportunities In Tourism

That was affirmed by many experts at the wrokshop “Start-up in Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges” held in the morning of October 14th at VNUHCM-Information Technology Park.

According to experts, start-up in tourism have a variety of choices. Because the tourism industry is related to knowledge of many fields, expressed through the forms of tourism: garden, ecology, agriculture … Therefore, the door will be wider even for those who do not major in tourism. In addition, the tourism industry has to consistently change, so there will be lots of opportunities for self development.

Mr. Chu Hong Minh, Executive Director and Founder of Vietnam Hospitality Network – Network of Tourism, Restaurants and Hotels in Vietnam, said: “Young people should embark on start-ups immediately because the tourism market is seeing a fierce competition. First of all, you must have a look at the overall picture of tourism. From there, determine the right path for yourselves. Let’s start with the mind of learning, doing to experience and accepting failure to be successful”.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Bao, Chief of Technology Officer and Co-Founder of TUGO International Travel Center, advised that young people who want to startup in tourism should gather at least 3 people who specialize in 3 different fields. “Before start-up, capital preparation is indispensable, but expertise is the key. Put aside the thought that what others apply also suits me” – he insisted.

Having the same idea, Nguyen Dinh Hieu, Chief of Executive Officer and Founder of VietKingFisher Travel Company, said that the accumulating of basic knowledge and learning new skills must be parallel. Entrepreneurs must have experiences and breakthroughs.

“For those who are planning to start-up, begin with small and appropriate projects. Thanks to that, you would have the opportunity to restart basing on the backup plan for the possibility of failure beforehand, “- suggested Dinh Hieu.

However, the tourism industry is being challenged by a fierce competition from many other fields, which creates the pressure as well as requirement of persistent innovation and the race with the 4.0 revolution in which the debuts of masses of applications, services, robotics capable of serving to alternate human beings.

The workshop was held by VNUHCM-Information Technology Park in coordination with Department of Science & Technology of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province and the Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF).

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