Conference on “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Education”

On 8/11, VNUHCM-International University successfully held the conference on “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Education” with the participation of around 200 experts, lecturers from universities inside and outside VNUHCM system.

As the main presenter of the conference, Prof. Ho Thanh PHong, Rector of IU, shared the general introduction on the Industry 4.0’s history, definition and direct influences of the Industry 4.0 on higher education.

According to Prof. Ho Thanh Phong, education 4.0 has a connection with the Industry 4.0, in which people, machines, equipment and the business are all connected, in order to create a customized education. Relating to this new concept, schools, leaners, curriculum and media will be transformed into smarter subjects, within an innovative startup ecosystem.

Prof. Ho Thanh Phong shared about the Industry 4.0 and education

“Basically, all activities of universities need to ensure the core values of universities which are training quality, creativity, academic freedom, meeting the social needs,…But with the Industry 4.0, society has more different, strict demands and needs. Therefore, universities need to be creative and flexible in all activities. There has to be a Smart University in the new context” – emphasized by the presenter.

In that connection, Prof. Ho Thanh Phong also set the crucial renovation for all the staff, lecturers and students, specifically in training, facilities, proposing systematic strategic steps in order to catch up with the inevitable educational trend of the era.

Attendee listened to the 3D printer introduction

At the conference, IU’s technicians introduced a model of 3D printer which is a technological product made by IU ‘s scientists.

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