Products of VNUHCM-ICDREC Evaluated Over 290 Billion VND

On 7th June, VNUHCM-IC Design Research and Education Center (VNUHCM-ICDREC) announced the evaluating results from Vietnam Centre for Science and Technology Evaluation (VISTEC)-Ministry of Science and Technology for IP products designed and built by VNUHCM-ICDREC. Accordingly, the microchip products of VNUHCM-ICDREC were estimated at 290.404 billion VND.

The evaluated microchip products included: 8-bit and 32-bit microprocessors; IP core peripheral for 8 bit microprocessor; Peripheral IP cores for 32 bit microprocessor; IP cores for digital signal processing and image processing; IP core Analog and Mix-signal. Products applied such as electronic meters, cruise control equipment, lighting systems, etc. were also valued on this occasion.

These products were made from the investment of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Chip Industry Development Program in period 2013-2020.

With the initial government investment of 213 billion VND, VNUHCM-ICDREC has reached the value of 290 billion dong. In addition, ICDREC earned 68 billion VND from technology transfer activities, 31 billion VND from equipment producing and supplying.

According to Dr. Ngo Duc Hoang – Director of VNUHCM-ICDREC, by the above products Vietnam had its name on the IC design world map. However, Vietnamese Microchip products are still cheap and built on 180 and 130 nanometer technologies. Mr. Hoang said that the government needed to have funding support to improve the microchip product and convert some existing IP to the new technology of SOTB.

Mr. Tran Vinh Tuyen, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee commented that the result of ICDREC is very encouraging because it showed the efforts to enter the hi-tech field of Vietnamese engineers. Therefore, the HCMC will continue to invest in microchip development to apply in intelligent urbanization.

Centre for Science and Technology Evaluation awarded the certificate of IP product valuation to VNUHCM-ICDREC. Photo by ICDREC

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