Seminar “Japan In the Context of Asia”

In the morning of February 22nd, VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNUHCM-USSH), held the seminar on “Japan in the context of Asia”.

Professor Furuta Motoo – Rector of Vietnam-Japan University, VNU-Hanoi was the main speaker.

According to Prof. Furuta Motoo, more than half a decade, the two theories of “Great Asianism” and “Escape Asiajoin Europe” caused great controversies among researchers of Japanese social science. These two theories took turn to replace each other in the process of development in Japan. This was reflected distinctly in three period: Years after World War II, the 1950-1970 period and the period from 1980 to the early 1990s.

“Nowadays, if you view the world as an oval, the first half is Asian, the other half is the West, Japan’s diplomatic relations must be in the middle, unable to belong to any side.  The government has affirmed that it would balance the pro-American and pro-Asian relations. Therein, Japan aims to contribute to build a united Asian community in the near future.” – Prof Furuta Motoo pressed.

Answering the question: In the context of “the United Asia”, how do Faculty of Oriental Studies in particular and VNUHCM-USSH in general have appropriate educational orientation? Dr. Ho Minh Quang – Dean of Faculty of Oriental Studies said: “From our university’s development philosophy: Complete – Liberal – Multi Cultural Education, we always direct the students so that when graduation, they notice the difference but don’t find it weird and know how to behave, integrate without assimilation, understand where their identity lies. We need to understand other people to know who we are.”

The talk received warm interest from students.

Professor Furuta Motoo stated the introductory.

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