Seminar On Post-graduate Education For South West Region

On March 04th, VNUHCM-University of Science in collaboration with VNUHCM – Ben Tre Training Center organized a seminar on Post-graduate Training to serve the human resource development needs in the Southwest region (SWR).

Attending the seminar were the leaders of Ben Tre Province, leaders of VNUHCM member universities as well as leaders of universities, colleges and high schools in the region.

The seminar focused on the demand of building high quality human resources for serving social – economic development of SWR localities; state policies and orientations regarding SWR localities in developing human resources; discussing the post-graduate training orientation of VNUHCM-University of Science that meets the demands of utilizing high quality human resources for society in general and for SWR provinces in particular.

Mr. Nguyen Nhu Hanh, Deputy Director of the Culture and Society Department of the Southwest Steering Committee, said that the development of human resources with scientific and technical qualifications in the Southwest area is vital for the economic development of the region. However, the training implementation has faced many inadequacies from the master plan on human resources to the survey of human resource needs of society. High quality human resources are still inadequate and unbalanced in terms of level, profession training. Besides, localities do not have enough resources to invest.

In Ben Tre province alone, Mr.Cao Van Trong, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, said that the province has developed many solutions to develop high quality human resources. At present, there are about 1,200 officials with post-graduate degrees, accounting for 4.3% but still not meeting the demand. On the other hand, the training of the province also encountered many inadequacies, especially in the field of training compared to the needs of society, leading to both redundancy and lack of qualified human resources.

Mr. Trong said that the establishment of the VNUHCM – Ben Tre Training Center is an important premise to assist the Mekong Delta provinces in better training of high quality human resources to meet the requirements of socio-economic development of each province, city and the whole Mekong Delta region.

Prof.Vu Phan Tu, Director of VNUHCM – Ben Tre Training Center, presented the legal foundation, professional capacity and strength of VNUHCM in training human resources to meet the developmental demands of the region.

At the seminar, leaders of the VNUHCM- University of Science introduced the post-graduate courses in 2017 in accordance with the orientation of human resource development of the SWR such as: Management of Information Systems, Environmental and Resources Management of SWR; and Applied Ecology, Biotechnology in Aquaculture and Seafood Processing, Application of Plant Biology in Agriculture, Biotechnology of Biopharmaceuticals, and Applied Oceanography.



Prof. Vu Phan Tu delivering the presentation. (Photo credit: Cam Tu)

Participating delegates visited the booth displaying the technical products of the VNUHCM-University of Science. (Photo credit: Cam Tu)



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