The Little Chickens (VNU-HCM) won the first prize at the LSI Design Contest

On March 19, 2010, at Okinawa Convention Center, 27 teams with 103 members at professional colleges and universities from Japan and various countries took part in the Final round of the 13th Large Scale Integrated (LSI) Design Contest.


The Little Chicken’s presentation


The most prestigious prize, which is (Smart Info Media System (SIS) Award, went to the Little Chickens (VNU-HCM).
The LSI Design Contest is organized by Kyushu Semiconductor Industries & Technology Innovation Association, and the goal is to train talents for circuit designing in order to develop the industry of informatics and media in Okinawa, Japan. It is an annual competition. This year’s design task is the BCH (Bose, Chaudri, Hocquenguem) Digital Error Correction Circuit, which is based on Grois Field Mathematics. The requirements of the design is to write HDL (VHDL or Verilog HDL) and to synthesize digital circuits using Synopsys design analyzer or any other EDA tools. Making FPGA is also optional but FPGA designs are loved to see.

These teams were awarded at this year contest:
–    Smart Info Media System (SIS) Award (first prize): The Little Chickens, Vietnam

–    Renaissance Technology Award (second prize): Sonam from Okinawa College of Industry, Japan; Team One from Kurume Industrial Junior College, Japan; and Sadame Take4X from Chiba University, Japan.
–    Xilinx Award (third prize): Hamlet Commune, Informatics Program from Hiroshima University, Japan.
The Little Chickens includes two members Tran Thi Hong and Luyen Duc Hanh from Integrated Circuit Design Research and Education Centre – VNU-HCM, and they are pursuing Master Degree at University of Natural Sciences and University of Technology – VNU-HCM.


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