VNUHCM-University of Technology holds Youth Science and Technology Conference

On March 15th, VNUHCM-University of Technology held the Youth Science and Technology Conference. In total, there are 30 reports focusing on solving practical issues such as research on landslides along Sai Gon River, effects of use of microorganisms in brewery waste mud …

One of the highlights from the conference is the topic “Applying measurement and design techniques to the Tan Ky Mitsuky water pump factory”. Young scientists have designed some innovative tools helping to reduce the standard time at the two stations, from which increase the performance up to 35% compared to the original.

Another highlight is the topic “Applying the simulation technique and improving the production system of Thang Long Shoes Joint Stock Company”. The team has successfully simulated the company’s mound workshop, from which introduces the improvement plan, which is balancing the conveyance to optimize resource utilization, significantly reduce the number of half-finished products, waiting time and workers (16 from original 20).

In addition, young scientists from the University of Technology presented a number of unique models such as the model to support the diagnosis of psoriasis by using multispectral polarization images; application of polarized image processing techniques in the investigation of some cervical diseases; CNC milling machines; laser engraving machines …

Associate Prof. Dr. Mai Thanh Phong, Vice Rector of VNUHCM-University of Technology, said that in recent years, the school has held many conferences and forums on science and technology, but there were not many opportunities for young scientists and students to take. This young science and technology conference was organized to create opportunities for exchanges and sharing experiences in research, start-up and innovation between young cadres and international, and domestic students.

It is expected that the conference will be held every two years.

A student’s presentation at the conference



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