15 students of Korean Studies Department were granted Doosan Yonkang Foundation scholarships

On the morning of 6/11, Doosan Yonkang Foundation of Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd. granted 15 scholarships totaling of US$ 3,750 (over VND85 million) to 15 students of Korean Studies Department.

Mr.Park Chan Up granted scholarships to students of Korean Studies Department

Mr.Park Chan Up, Doosan’s Human Resources Director said, “The Doosan Yonkang Scholarship has begun to support Vietnamese students since 2009 to develop the academic curriculum of foreign language students, especially those studying Korean. At the same time, the scholarship also contributes to the development of friendly relationship between the two nations Viet Nam – Korea. ”


Dr. Pham Tan Ha – Vice Rector of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities said: “Our students come from many different regions, different backgrounds. They are constantly exerting themselves to the utmost in studying, asserting their future professionals. To achieve that success, the scholarship has helped them overcome the difficult journey and fulfill their dreams. “

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