2017 university enrollment: VNUHCM-International University to organize new admissions methods

According to the announcement of VNUHCM-International University, in the ¬†enrollment for 2017-2017 schoolyear, the university would spare 35% of the total enrollment quota on the admission test based on the school’s ability test.

Therefore, the exam will be held twice in May and November 2017. Candidates are students who have graduated from high school or will graduate from high school by 2017.

Candidates will take two subjects, including one compulsory subjects (mathematics) and one elective among the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English.

The content of the test consists of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English in the high school program in grades 10, 11, 12.

Duration: 120 minutes, in the form of multiple-choice tests.

Exam time: one day. Morning is for Math exam, afternoon is for elective exam.

Results will be sent to candidates after 3 days.

Candidates can send their application directly to the International University, by post or online. The application file includes: application form (following the template), ID card, 3×4 photo, and fee.

In addition to the ability test, the International University also enrolls students by the following methods: using the results of the 2017 high school exam (50% of the target); admitting straightly students who won the national prize, international competitions (5%); admitting straightly to excellent students of specialized and gifted schools (10% of target).

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