Exchange With Japanese Students At VNUHCM-University of Information Technology

In the morning of March 03rd, at Hall E, VNUHCM-University of Information and Technology (VNUHCM-UIT), a meeting was held between students of VNUHCMUIT and student of NIT – Toyota College from Tokyo (Japan). This is the activity to mark one year anniversary of establishment of Extensive Reading and a year of cooperation between VNUHCM-UIT and NIT.

(Picture: VNUHCM-UIT students took pictures with NIT students)

The event was attended by Prof. Hitoshi Nishizawa and Prof. Takayoshi Yoshioka from NIT – Toyota College. At the exchange, Prof. Hitoshi introduced Extensive Reading to students to apply in English learning outside the classroom. Then there are many English exchange activities in group such as Poster session, Cultural Exchange, Book Discussion and Book Cover Design in the frame of applying Extensive Reading.

Ho Thi Xuan Vuong, English lecturer of UIT, said: “This program aims to create opportunities for cultural exchanges between students of both UIT and NIT, where students can exchange ideas, learn from each other about Technology, English, facilitate for future cooperation with Japanese schools and also promote the image of UIT to international friends “.

Particularly, during the exchange, Japanese students also demonstrated the Robot “Lego Mind Storm”  product made by themselves in order to create opportunities for UIT students to learn about computer technology and robotics technology.




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