Final round of “VNUHCM-USSH students charm” contest

Passing 500 contestants, the two finalists Phan Trung Hau and Nguyen Thi Lan Nhi from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication (VNUHCM-USSH) were named as the champions for the 3rd “VNUHCM-USSH Students Charm” contest taken place on Nov 5th 2016.

This year’s final round was attended by 10 pairs of jeunesse doree who are undergraduates from different faculties and departments under USSH and lasted through 4 sections of performance: traditional ao-dai, gala costumes, personal talents and behavioral manners.

“The finalists selected various kinds of performances such as drawing, dancing, acting, singing and playing instruments… I found them very versatile and creative”, said the audience Le Thi Thanh Tu, an undergraduate from the University of Banking.

In the section of behavioral manners performance, the finalist Nguyen Thi Lan Nhi declared: “On the journey to success, the most outstanding characteristic of USSH students is their emotional soul which was winged by knowledge, hence personal values would be enhanced. I myself desire to become a genuiene journalist.”

Along with the championship, the Organizing Committee also awarded the runner-up prizes for Nguyen Thi Kieu Anh (Faculty of Sociology) and Nguyen Hoan Trong (Faculty of Library and Information Science) as well as many other substantial prizes namely People’s Choice Award, Best Behavioral Manner Award, Male-contestant Photographic Beauty Award, Community-Involvement Beauty Award,…

Before entering the final round, hundreds of contestants experienced the Application Round and Semi-Final Round with the challenges in testing social-economic knowledge, aptitude of behavioral manner, talents performance, engaging in community activities,…

“USSH Students Charm” is a biannual contest aiming at creating a wholesome cultural environment for students; nurturing and upholding the role of them in the fields of culture-sport-arts as well as seeking potential representatives of jeunesse doree.

Super-model Lan Khue, known as top 11 of the Miss World 2015, joined this year’s Board of Judges.

(Photo 1) Top 20 finalists in the traditional ao-dai peformance section. Photo courtesy: Organizing Committee

Photo 2): Representative of the Organizing Committee awarded the Championship to the two winners.

Photo courtesy: Organizing Committee

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