Flying Micro’s Final Round

At the night of February 15th, VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities(VNUHCM-USSH) held the final round of Flying Micro Contest-USSH’s MC face at Linh Trung Campus (Thu Duc District). This night contest closed the journey of more than a month searching for talented MC students.

Candidate Nguyen Thi Kieu Duyen performed her MC contest with MC Hoai Trinh

 In the finale, six contestants competed with each other through three rounds. In the first round, contestants must present a live reality TV program on New Year’s Eve 2018 at the six supposed bridge heads. At this section, contestant Vo Thi Ngoc Sen (Faculty of Tourism) was highly appreciated by Judge Vu Manh Cuong for bringing the plain New Year’s Eve welcoming atmosphere in the District Island Sinh Ton.

In the second round, two contestants will be shown a piece of play prepared by the organizers of three news events in the press. After that, the contestants have 3 minutes to exploit the scence information and 2 minutes to present the news in the supposed current news program. Two contestants Kieu Duyen (Faculty of Geography) and Cam Loan (Faculty of Journalism and Communication)

were excellently judged by the jury with the contest of the event Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai began clearing the pavements. Through the piece of play of which idea based on the murderous event of styrofoam box, the contestant Dang Thi Hong Tham (Faculty of Journalism and Communication) was judged by the jury to have exploited the field information quickly and professionally.Having received the topic of the mass death fish in Vung Ang, contestants Ngoc Sen and Phuong Thao completed the contest with the comment “quite embarrassing and exploiting information unreasonably” from the judges.

In the final section, two contestants were randomly selected to lead/host with the same judge. With the topic of Time, contestant Kieu Duyen with judge Hoai Trinh brought the audience an extremely precious message: “Please cherish every moment of your youth and continue to try your best”. Meanwhile, contestant Cam Loan also had a leading section/ performance that was not worse than the rivals in the topic of White, with the message: “Confident to be yourself no matter what effects.” With the topic of Love, led with MC Mong Hoai, contestant Hong Tham (Faculty of Journalism and Communication) was highly praised by the jury when combining Xuan Quynh’s poem “Wave”, portraying the woman’s intense love.

At the end of the contest, contestant Dang Thi Hong Tham was named as the champion. Two contestants, Vo Thi Ngoc Sen and Do Thi Cam Loan respectively won second and third prizes. With the highest votes through the contest’s fanpage, contestant Bui Phuong Thao ( Faculty of Geography) won The most favorite contestant.

Judges of the finale are famous MCs, journalists, including MC of “En Vang 2016” – Lieu Ha Trinh, journalist Do Hung, Editor-MC Mong Hoai, Singer-MC Hoai Trinh and MC Vu Manh Cuong.

Singer Lou Hoang heated the finale stage with the song “What are we?”

Contestant Bui Phuong Thao made the second part of the Contest

Contestant Dang Thi Hong Tham – The Champion of the Flying Micro – VNUHCM-USSH’s MC face

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