More Than 1,000 Students Participated in the Technical Festival Day

More than 1,000 students participated in the Technical festival day organized by VNUHCM-University of Technology (VNUHCM-UT) on the morning of February 18th.


At the festival, more than 500 products of the students were displayed with high potential for real-life application such as the Model of activated carbon water filter of the Faculty of Geology and Petroleum Engineering; the Model of Spiral-shaped house “The Ace” of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, or Body Temperature Monitoring and Alerting Device; The magical picnic bag of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering…

According to Prof. Vu Dinh Thanh – Rector of VNUHCM-UT, the Technical Festival Day is a place for students to show their engineering skills as well as a creative playground for students to share ideas between students, faculty members with social and business. The festival was also a place to stimulate the technical passion as well as to mold the spirit of startup.

Truong Dat, a Mechanical Engineering student shared his feeling: “The festival is a very practical playground for me. Through modeling, I learned planning skill, teamwork, money management, etc … “.

It is known that the technical festival day was first held by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VNUHCM-UT in 2001. Over the past 6 years, the Faculty has gathered many useful products for the social life of students. In the following time, the technical festival will be expanded and the activities of the festival will be connected to the activities of the Center for Technology Business Incubation to incubate and commercialize ideas and scientific research products of students.


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