New Me Project Season 3 Launched

In the morning of February 25th 2017, BK English Center of VNUHCM-University of Technology launched the New Me Project Season 3 program.

The New Me Project Season 2 ended with the victory of Blue Tube team. Blue Tube’s project was hosting a Christmas Eve party that attracted many students from both inside and outside of VNUHCM. Thu Huong, the team leader of Blue Tube, shared: “Through the program, I learned to predict the probabilities, success or failure of a project and know the role of the team leader when the team spirit goes down”.

Regarding how to get effective teamwork, Thu Huong added: “Benefit is the thing that connects team members, everyone works for the benefit of the individual and the group so the team leader must be the one who knows best what he can do to benefit the members. ”

Mr. Nguyen Cong Tri, Director of BK English Center, emphasized: “Just focus on your team project and let the BK English Center pay for the incurred expenses. It is not because the BK English Center is wealthy, we are just attempting to bring you a useful playground. New Me Project is a program for community, so the basic rule is that you have to give before you wish to receive, do not just keep for yourself.”

It is known that New Me Project is a playground for students to experience as well as affirm themselves and participate in community projects. Highlight of the program is that all the projects are created, planned, presented and implemented by the students themselves.

In the future, the BK English Center will also offer free-coffee Talk and Share sessions in which students would discuss experiences in life, especially in studying English.



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