Awarding Ninh Thuan Scholarship 2016

[Posted 12/14/2016]

In the morning of December 14th, at VNUHCM Administration Building, the People’s Committee of Ninh Thuan Province held a ceremony to award Ninh Thuan Scholarship 2016 to 12 students of the province who had overcome difficulties to achieve good performance in studying at member universities of VNUHCM .

Attending the ceremony were Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia – Vice President of VNUHCM, Mr.  Nguyen Ba Ninh – Director of Ninh Thuan Education and Training Department, and representatives of member universities of VNUHCM.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia appreciated the support of the People’s Committee of Ninh Thuan Province to VNUHCM in recent years, especially the entire interior furniture for Block F1, Dormitory B of VNUHCM.

According to Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, an estimated 500-600 students from Ninh Thuan Province were studying at member unviersities of VNUHCM. Therefore, the fact that the province awarded scholarships to students who overcome difficulties to achieve good performance in studying would be very meaningful source of encouragement to them. “We hope that they will always remember the support and encouragement so that after graduation, students will have a positive contribution in building and developing the prosperous province” – Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia gently advised.

Representatives of students receiving scholarships, Bui Thi Ngan Dung, a student of VNUHCM-University of Economics and Law, said: “The scholarship afforded us to buy more intensive learning materials, more favorable opportunities to improve our language skills. Besides that, we also had the chance to connect with country friends to share, and help each other during the learning process. ”

The ceremony is also an event marking the first year of deployment The Scholarship of Ninh Thuan Provincial People’s Committee at VNUHCM


Dr. Nguyen Duc Nghia and Mr. Nguyen Ba Ninh awarded scholarships to the students.

The delegates and students taking commemorative photos.

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