Over 3.000 Candidates Apply For VNUHCM-High School For The Gifted

On May 26th, over 3.000 candidates in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces attended grade 10 enrollment in VNUHCM-High School for the Gifted in 5 days from 26 to 30 May.

This year, VNUHCM-High School for the Gifted selects 600 norms in 2 campuses with the competitive rate being 1/5. The examination will be taken in the form of essays. However, nonspecialist English exam will take the form of multiple choices test.

The examination has 10 subjects, with 3 nonspecialist subjects including Maths, Literature and English; 7 specialist subjects including Maths, Computing, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature and English. For grade 10 admission process, candidates must take an exam with at least 4 subjects including 3 nonspecialist subjects and one specialist subject chosen at will. Candidates also can register to take more than one specialty major. If the candidates pass in several specialist classes, they will choose one specialist class at will.

Training programs of VNUHCM-High School for the Gifted are tailored by the gifted student program promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training, which enable graduated students to accumulate sufficient knowledge of science, computing and English to continue studying in domestic and international universities.




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