Semi-final of VNUHCM Student’s Beauty Contest 2017

The semi-final round of “VNUHCM Student’s Beauty Contest” with the competition of 42 contestants from VNUHCM member universities was held in the VNUHCM Campus in 2 days 22-23 of April.

On the morning of April 22nd, at Hall C of VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities, with two performance: “Casual Dress Performance” and “Performing Skills on Stage”, 42 contestants had special performances before 1,000 spectators such as traditional martial arts performances, folk dances, folk songs, etc.

Judge, MC. Quynh Hoa said: “The contestants surprised me with the students’ creativity. Each performance brings different colors, conveying the message in a soft, flexible way. ”

On the second day – April 23, contestants were divided into 5 groups by Organizers to make a photo album with themes around VNUHCM students’ life. In addition to the set of personal photos taken in the same studio with above two performances, the group photo is also one of the factors that determine the score of the contestants.

On the same day, contestants participated in community activities at Que Huong Humanitarian Center, Di An District, Binh Duong Province. In there, the top 42 together cleaned up the kitchen, moving stuffs, rearranged the living area, gave presents to disadvantaged children.

The jury will select 18 contestants with the highest score and 2 contestants selected by the audience to enter the final round on May 20.

Contestant Phan Trung Hau with solo singing was praised by judges

Contestant Nguyen Ho Truc Vy performs contemporary dance



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