Tech guy

With a remarkable “collection” on programming, and a lot of practical technology products, Pham Viet Khoi (a student at Faculty of Information Technology, VNUHCM-University of Science) is known by the friendly name “tech guy”.

In 2016, Khoi continued to succeed in getting internship at Google and being the youngest awardee of the Golden Globe Award.

Awakening passion from … playing games

Online games are not so strange to young students in the era of internet. Online games are not only entertainment games but also the place where curiosity aroused, intellectual developed and passions for informatics awakened. Pham Viet Khoi is a good example of this story.

Khoi said that he was introduced to computer and then he was mainly … playing games at the beginning. Not only just play for fun, entertainment, but the more Khoi played, the more he became curious and wondered that “how to create games like that?”

Later on, when he entered high school and learned more about programming, Khoi self-studied and placed his first steps toward creating. Passion for exploring informatics prompted, Khoi applied to many competitions and won series of awards. From the small initial accomplishments with the support of family, friends and teachers, Khoi increased motivation for his passion for informatics.

In 2009, Khoi entered the VNUHCM-High school for the Gifted and continued to follow the path of informatics. In 2012, Khoi became a student at the Faculty of Information Technology at VNUHCM-University of Science, which brought many opportunities, opened a new turning point in the journey of conquering informatics prizes.

So far, Khoi owns many admirable prizes including the second prize for the National Excellent Student Competition 2012, the second prize for the Vietnam Talent Contest 2015, the first for ACM / ICPC Asian Regional Contest 2015, qualified for the ACM/ ICPC World Final 2016, member of the team which achieved excellent results at the international competition SHREC in 2016. In addition, Khoi also has 3 scientific articles published in the annals of international conferences, etc.

Pham Viet Khoi during his internship at Google Inc.

Awards become … responsibility

Khoi is also the author of useful applications such as the system that automatically plays music with a simple music sheet, the interactive museum system. Khoi is also the author of the expansion and development of BusMap – HCM City bus application on the website to help save time by choosing the shortest and most convenient route, clear route to help passengers avoid from getting the wrong terminal.

Talking about his products, Khoi said his favorite project was the 3D object-based query system from the partial image of the object. This is a supporting system in the products design and manufacture, contributing to analyze context on the basis of image to build automation systems such as self-driving vehicles, robots, etc.

Despite of a series of excellent performances, Khoi never felt satisfied. To him, learning is a daily thing to do: “The more I learn and participate in new tasks, the more I find out my weaknesses to overcome. The academic achievements I gained were joy and pride for me and my family. But they also become a responsibility for me to force myself to strive for more. Success is not only in prizes but also in real life contributions. ”

When asked about the future, Khoi shared, “I am going to study abroad for a doctorate. I admire the students who return to Vietnam to start up in their own homeland. Surely, that is also my dream in the future. For the present, I still try to finish my studies well.”


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